About to turn 94, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving royal in British history. Her secret to this longevity, it turns out, just maybe in her diet. Rumors that the queen is a vegetarian have swirled for years, and her recent ban on fur from her personal wardrobe late last year caused them to pick up steam again. Then, she chose a "vegan" interior for her official car.

Animal Rights group PETA is betting on the validity of these speculations and is sending Her Majesty a vegan steak and kidney bean pie from the venerable British company Fray Bentos to celebrate her 94th birthday tomorrow. She is said to be a huge fan of the iconic 139-year-old British pastry brand, so the plant-based pie should be a well-received gift. The tinned pie is filled with a soy-based "steak-like" protein, gravy and kidney beans.

PETA's Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, Dawn Carr, explained the present, reasoning, "There's no question that Fray Bentos' vegan steak and kidney bean pie is fit for a queen." Carr added: "This is perfect lockdown food: kind to the planet, no animal [products], and it keeps for bloomin’ ages. Happy birthday, Your Majesty.”

The animal rights organization reportedly helped Fray Bentos in the development of this pie which is the second vegan offering in their portfolio and has won them a "Best Vegan Pie" award during the 2019 PETA awards. The pie sent to the Queen is the latest vegan option from the company. It follows the launch of a Vegetarian Balti from March of 2019, a dish that is packed with carrots, peas, potatoes, onion red pepper and tomatoes in a curry-like sauce and topped with a flakey, spicy puff pastry.

Unfortunately, you can only get Fray Bentos pies in grocery stores in the UK, but we found this vegan recipe so that everyone all over the world can enjoy a meal fit for a queen right at home!

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