In lieu of presents, Jaden Smith hosted the homeless for his 21st birthday, flipping the script and giving back to those less fortunate. Smith brought a vegan food truck, emblazoned with the words ‘I Love You’ to Los Angeles’ Skid Row, an area with one of the largest homeless populations in the US.

This isn’t the young artist’s first foray into activism; he’s recently announced that his company JUST Water would be working to bring a water filtration system to Flint, MI, where residents have been devoid of clean water for years. JUST Water’s filter can produce a whopping 5 gallons of clean water in just 30 seconds. While speaking to Complex this past Thursday, Smith noted that he “wants people to know that [he’s] switching professions and becoming a full-time innovator,” so it’s safe to say we can expect more of this thoughtful philanthropy in his future.

Many took interest in Smith’s choice to serve vegan food, which he explained by saying "The food was vegan because I also want people to be exposed to vegan and vegetarian food, because it's better for them, I want these people to be healthy and I want them to have a long lasting life.”

Smith, vegan since 2016, has long been promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. The star took to Instagram to share a video of those receiving food from his truck, noting that this event was part of a larger “movement that Is all about giving people what they deserve, healthy, vegan food for free. Today we launched our first on- day food truck Pop-Up in Downtown LA. Keep a look out because this is the first of many.”

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