Diet & Weightloss

How to lose weight the healthy way by eating a vegan diet but still getting all the protein and nutrients you need.

For a Satisfying, Low-Carb Healthy Snack, Try Pili Nuts
When you think of typical snacks, chips and cookies come to mind, which can sabotage your healthiest diet intentions faster than ripping open the bag. But for anyone who wants to snack on a low-carb, healthy whole food snack, high in heart-healthy fat that keep you feeling fuller longer, try pili nu…
5 Surprisingly Healthy Foods That Help Promote Weight Loss
You might think individuals who manage to lose weight and keep it off eat only salads, especially if they’re plant-based. Let's put that urban myth to bed. While plant-based eaters do eat salad, they also eat a lot more than that, including foods you probably consider off-l…

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