Calling all Fantasia Taylor fans and healthy eaters, the season three American Idol winner is hosting a vegan cooking lesson on Instagram and Facebook live this coming Sunday, November 15th at 2 pm EST. The best part? You can join in on the live-action and make the same meals as Fantasia loves, completely free of meat, fish, and dairy. Mark your calendars! Grab a friend, Pull together your plant-based ingredients. It's going to be a fun time.

Fantasia announced the event on Instagram and boasted about the vegan meal she was eating, as part of her new vegan diet -- which looked from where we sat like delicious vegan mac and cheese, plant-based 'ribs' and a glass of red wine. Her caption: This "Food will make you want to smack “Yourself” Seriously." That sold us! Now we plan on tuning into her live video and preparing our kitchens for vegan soul food masterpieces, wine included!

Fantasia Taylor Announced She is Vegan and Shares Her Secrets to Success

If you haven't heard or been following the story of her transformation, Fantasia Taylor revealed less than a month ago that she has switched over to a vegan diet, and announcing the news to her 4.2 million followers on Instagram with three words, saying, "Taylors gone vegan."

Ever since her switch to eat healthier, plant-based food, Fantasia has been sharing her secret recipes regularly on IG. She is clearly on a mission to make eating a vegan diet look delicious, enjoyable, satisfying, and creative. Last week, the singer shared a healthy taco bowl dinner that husband of six years, Kendall Taylor cooked up. She was quick to credit his hard work, captioning, "#husbandswhocook." The taco bowls were made with a crunchy tortilla shell, shredded romaine lettuce, fresh diced tomatoes, slices of avocado, dairy-free cheddar, and dairy-free sour cream. If you want to make this exact dish for yourself, try The Beet's 7 Layer Vegan Taco Bowl recipe which is made using similar ingredients.

Fantasia also showed off a decadent dessert that looked like a peach cobbler or a crumble, saying, "🗣 This Vegan DESSERT!!!!!!!! Omg."  If you want to make this dessert at home, The Beet has two Fantasia-inspired recipes that are easy to make: Warm peach pie and the perfect peach cobbler.

Now, we can't help but wonder what Fantasia will be teaching us how to cook on Sunday afternoon. It could be vegan soul food, vegan tacos, delicious vegan desserts, or another type of healthy meal. Go ahead and make a guess, in the comments below. Stay tuned for more info and updates from Fantasia as she dives deeper into a vegan lifestyle.

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