Last month, season three American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino Taylor revealed that she has switched over to a vegan diet, announcing the news to her 4.2 million followers on Instagram with three words: "Taylors gone vegan."

Her fans went wild. Now she is at it again, this time pulling back the curtain further on her vegan lifestyle, showing exactly what she eats, in a video of her and her husband for six years, Kendall Taylor cooking up a delicious looking stuffed zucchini dish. Fantasia, 36, shares that their decision to eat vegan is motivated by an effort to start living better. She captioned the video, "Healthy Living ITS TIME!!!!"

Now, her fans are checking @tasiaworld daily for a peek at any more vegan updates and clues to what she eats when she and Taylor make home-cooked meals in their Charlotte, NC home. By the looks of it, Fantasia and Taylor are loving their plant-based lifestyle and the creativity that comes with cooking vegan dishes. The talented singer, songwriter, and mother (of 19-year-old daughter Zion) are loving sharing recent vegan dinners and decadent vegan desserts to show her fans that you can eat vegan and love it. A recent dessert showed pie and whipped cream (vegan variety) with the caption: DateNight Ended with An Amazing Vegan Meal and🗣 This Vegan DESSERT!!!!!!!! Omg

The Beet has the recipes you need to re-create these masterpieces and eat like this superstar.

More vegan dishes coming out of Fantasia's kitchen daily, from Kendall Taylor

We love a husband who cooks, and last night Taylor made her taco bowls as she snapped a photo of his preparations crediting him for the vegan dinner and hashtagging, "#husbandswhocook." By the looks of it, the taco bowls are made with a crunchy tortilla shell, shredded romaine lettuce, fresh diced tomatoes, slices of avocado, dairy-free cheddar cheese, and dairy-free sour cream. If you want to make this dish, try The Beet's 7 Layer Vegan Taco Bowl recipe which is made using similar ingredients.

Whoever says vegan food is boring just has to be showed Fantasia's most recent dessert to change their mind. Made by It's Alive, a plant-based food delivery, Fantasia posted a photo of what looks like a peach cobbler crisp with dairy-free whipped cream. The caption and emoji highlight how she felt about this delight: "🗣 This Vegan DESSERT!!!!!!!! Omg." If you want to make this dessert at home, The Beet has two Fantasia-inspired recipes that are easy to make: Warm peach pie and the perfect peach cobbler.

Want to eat delicious vegan dishes like Fantasia and start your journey to a plant-based diet, try The Beet's free 7-day Beginner's Guide that's full of delicious vegan recipes, expert advice, and helpful tips. In addition, for World Vegan Month during November and beyond, we challenge you to eat plant-based for 24 hours for your health, the planet, and animals. Take the challenge and tag two friends in a video post or a snap of your favorite plant-based meal and don't forget to tag @TheBeet on Instagram so we can feature you on our social media.

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