America’s favorite pastime is making it easier for everyone to enjoy the full baseball experience. MLB baseball stadiums nationwide have recently debuted plant-based options that bring familiar gameday favorites to the field. Partnering with companies like Beyond Meat and Oatly, stadiums across the country have taken strides to incorporate vegan foods that match up to the traditional equivalents. From non-dairy soft serve to veggie dogs, the MLB is changing game-day foods with more stadiums following in line.

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, CA)

Dodger Stadium is gaining the reputation as one of the most vegan-friendly stadiums in the US. The home of the Los Angeles Dodgers carries a wide variety of vegan foods for baseball lovers to enjoy during the game. The stadium offers everything from Beyond burgers and Beyond sausages to tempeh tacos and tempeh nachos with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese. The plant-based ballpark food comes at a steep price tag, but it’s worth it to get the full experience as you watch a game. The stadium also features Mexican street corn salad known as esquites, but when ordering ask them to remove the cheese, aioli, and mayo to make it fully plant-based.

Globe Life Field (Texas Rangers, Arlington, TX)

Recently, Globe Life Field took strides for plant-based consumers by introducing baseball’s first dairy-free soft-serve. The baseball stadium teamed up with Oatly to develop an oat milk-based soft serve, which is available on the lower and upper concourses of the stadium. With summer around the corner and baseball season in full force, the Texas Rangers fans will able to experience a delightful hot summer game day ice cream. Beyond the soft serve, the stadium has been ranked the most vegan-friendly ballpark in 2019. Around the stadium, concession and restaurants offer several plant-based foods including a ballpark nacho with vegan queso, Field Roast vegan hot dogs, Morningstar vegan corn dogs, Beyond burgers, and many more. The plant-based foods

Citi Field (New York Mets, Queens, NY)

The Mets’ stadium is home to the renowned vegan concession stands Marty’s V Burger. The vegan burger spot offers a selection of plant-based ballpark favorites including its staple Beyond Burger topped with a special sauce, pickles, crisp lettuce, and melted vegan cheese. Marty V Burger also offers a Shroom Steakhouse burger, Beyond Meat bratwurst, a variety of plant-based chicken sandwiches, and much more. For ice cream lovers, Dole Whip sundaes and ice cream floats are available in section 121. The home of the Mets recently said that it hopes to see more vegan options as capacity levels return to normal, good news for plant-based baseball fans.

Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees, Bronx, NY)

Yankee Stadium may not have the most options, but the stadium’s Bareburger offers enough menu items to keep all the plant-based customers happy. When you visit the Yankee Stadium, Bareburger is located in section 132 of the stadium. The Bareburger menu provides a wide range of plant-based food that caters to anyone from plant-based burgers and vegan frankfurters to edamame and vegan sushi. Beyond that, a fan-favorite snack is the Bareburger deep-fried avocado bites. Currently, Bareburger is the only restaurant in the Yankee Stadium dedicated to providing plant-based foods to baseball fans, but with the growing national popularity, Yankee fans can be optimistic for more options in the future including a possible vegan Nathan’s Famous.

Target Field (Minnesota Twins, Minneapolis, MN)

Target Field makes certain that anybody, regardless of dietary preference, will be enticed by the plant-based offerings. The vegan-friendly home of the Minnesota Twins features a wide range of food from The Herbivorous Butcher. Throughout the stadium, fans can find the Herbivorous Butcher’s Italian Sausages, Sriracha Brats, vegan hot dogs, and plant-based burgers. The stadium also offers vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches for those who would rather an ice-cold sweet. No matter the weather, Target Field is ready to cater to the vegan clientele.

Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs, Chicago, IL)

Wrigley Field brings all the favorites to the plant-based table, including regional favorites like a fully vegan Chicago Dog with all the classic toppings. Beyond the vegan Chicago dogs, Wrigley Field is one of the selected stadiums that partnered with Oatly to launch the vegan oat milk soft serve. The vegan soft serve is eventually going to spread to other fields, but for now, the home to the Chicago Cubs is one of the exclusive stadiums that offer vegan ice cream. Throughout the stadium (sections 115, 117, and 119), hungry plant-based fans can find options including veggie chopped salad, fruit cups, and roasted cauliflower sandwiches.

T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners, Seattle, WA)

When you get to the Seattle Mariners game, head to section 132. T-Mobile Park recently revamped this section to hold its healthier food options, housing the majority of the stadium's vegan-friendly options and restaurants. Visit The Natural, Hiroshi’s Sushi, Din Tai Fund, and Caffe Vita, which all offer several vegan options for anybody. Beyond the healthy food section, most concession stands around the park offer Beyond Meat Italian sausages and Impossible burgers. Make sure to ask for the burgers without butter because some places will butter the buns. Other options around the stadium include avocado toast and steamed bao buns. The Mariners’ home is also known for its vegan-friendly beer that’s offered across the entire stadium, so make sure you get a beer and vegan dog for the next game.

Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix, AZ)

The Arizona Diamondbacks stadium provides its plant-based visitors with a huge selection of vegan options. Throughout the stadium, fans can find Mediterranean vegan chicken wraps, Camelback burgers topped with brown sugar ketchup, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, herb mustard, crispy onion flakes, and jalapeno relish, and Field Roast plant-based hot dogs. The signature Camelback burgers can be found in section 121 at Paradise Valley Burger Co.

Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants, San Francisco, CA)

Oracle Park presents one of San Francisco’s favorite foods for plant-based fans: the Super Duper burgers. The home of the Giants also offers plant-based franks, Field Roast burgers, nachos with vegan cheese, dolmas, and falafels. For plant-based baseball fans, Oracle Park is one of the top vegan stadiums in the United States. One of the fan favorites is the vegan Falafel sandwich at Pita Gyro located in section 317, but for those who want the standard baseball fare, the stadium presents more than enough options.

Progressive Field (Cleveland Indiana, Cleveland, OH)

PETA ranked Progressive Field as the country’s third most vegan-friendly stadium in 2018, and the title is well-deserved. Some vegan options include Melt Bar & Grilled’s vegan grilled cheese, Barrio’s vegan tacos, Dynomite’s vegan burgers, Ohio City Burrito’s vegan burrito, and Sweet Moses’ dairy-free ice cream. The entire park shifted to offering more vegan foods in recent years, moving away from conventional baseball stadium fare.

Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals, Kansas City, MO)

Kansas City brings an exciting list of plant-based foods for baseball fans. The best-selling option is the meatless Philly Cheesesteak, but that’s only the beginning of the plant-based offerings. Kauffman Stadium also presents everything from Beyond Meat brats and Beyond Burgers, to roasted veggie wraps and vegan tacos. When ordering the cheesesteak and wrap, make sure to ask for it completely vegan. For the Royals fans, it's as easy showing up to the game as it is finding vegan food.

Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox, Boston, MA) 

Boston might be a city known for its seafood but Fenway Park isn't lacking when it comes to plant-based fare. Head to the Visitor’s Clubhouse Area for a Yves veggie dog and grab a beer while you’re at it. They also serve the Boca’s original veggie burger if you’re not into hot dogs. For a healthier option, look no further than their build-your-own salad and fruit bar on the lower level. And get this, Fenway has a rooftop garden that supplies the produce– it doesn’t get much more local than that! Finally, you can order the standard snacks like fries, peanuts, soft pretzels, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wherever a kids menu is served.

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