Lizzo has christened carrots the new "It Girl for the Summer," telling cauliflower to "move over b*tch," because the only veggie dish she can think about right now is the carrot dip she's loving –and we have the recipe.

The OG producer of this infamous carrot dip is a popular TikTok influencer @lhabco who showed the world something his dad taught him: How to make a Morrocan-inspired carrot dip to spread on almost everything. This dip is entirely plant-based, another reason why Lizzo loves it so much since the singer went vegan almost a year ago. It's made with all kinds of spices, nuts, and has a tang of citrus so when Lizzo complements the complexity of flavor, she's not kidding.

Lizzo went carrot crazy when she found the recipe and insisted on having a "carrot feast" with her abundant supply. We're guessing she stocked up at the supermarket by the looks of the 20 something carrots on her cutting board shown in the video. Not only did she make the special dip, but she made carrot juice to go with her carrot hot dog and said, "don't knock it until you try it." She stuffed the carrot dip in between romaine lettuce wraps topped with grilled onions, enjoyed the carrot dog on two hamburger buns because she didn't have hot dog buns, and sipped on her carrot juice with ice in a glass jar. Her facial expressions tell it all.

Lizzo's next round of carrot dip indulgence was enjoyed on lentil sambusas from Rosalind's, an Ethiopian restaurant located in Los Angeles. She topped the crunchy sambusa with her special homemade sauce: A mix of vegan mayo, sour cream, ranch, seasoning, garlic powder, and sweet chili oil. Then, she scooped a little bit of her leftover carrot dip on top of the pastry and took her first bite, humming a melody to prove satisfaction. She even commented on the flavor of the sambusa, saying, "it has a kick and a sweet smokiness," and compared the dough to a "fried donut." She finished her second to the last bite by saying, "This is really doing it for me right now."

Even though Lizzo is truly happy about her carrot creations, fans stepped in and voiced their opinions about the sugar content in carrots, indicating that she's eating too much sugar in these meals. In response, Lizzo said, "It's not like I ate the entire carrot feast," meaning she still has leftovers in her fridge, for more meals to come. She also warned fans to "mind your business," and said, "just enjoy the videos," since she has produced some serious vegan eats in the past including her meatless nachos recipe and dairy-free pesto recipe.

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