Lizzo’s TikToks are a treasure trove of easy-to-make, healthy plant-based meals and snacks, delivered to her 8.7 million followers several times daily. Just recently , Lizzo has shared her recipes for vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner and all of her meals and snacks look amazingly simple and delicious.

Here's how to make Lizzo's signature protein shake: First she uses two scoops of Ka’chava protein powder (she prefers the chocolate flavor). powder includes You can use any plant-based protein for your shake but Lizzo extolls the virtues of Ka'chava, with a blend with over 70 superfoods, proteins, and fiber.  In the video, Lizzo combines the protein powder with just half of an avocado, 12 ounces of alkaline water, and blends three together for a thick taste: “It’s so good––it’s like pudding!" she adds.

This is What Lizzo Eats For Breakfast on Her Vegan Diet

Lizzo has also gained serious attention for championing a viral version of a healthy plant-based breakfast option, which people are calling nature’s cereal, which is a bowl of mixed fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds, immersed in fresh coconut water and a few ice cubes to keep it cool. Lizzo has made clear that she first encountered the recipe on the TikTok account @natures_food, giving the user credit while boosting its visibility with a staggering 5.3 million views on her own TikTok. Trend or not, nature’s cereal is one of her new breakfast staples. “I’m addicted… don’t knock it till you try it!”

Lizzo's Lunch of choice is a Banza Chickpea Pasta Mac and Cheese with Dino Kale, Spinach, and Yams, which she calls the big three ingredients to her healthier mac and cheese. By making the dish over from chickpea pasta, which is naturally gluten-free and has 25 grams of protein, and the vegan cheese sauce and then adding in fiber-filled leafy greens and yams she has just elevated an unhealthy American classic to a healthier one.

Lizzo's Go-To Snack is Loaded Nachos Made With this Unexpected Ingredient

Followers can enjoy watching Lizzo experiment and innovate with simple recipes in her kitchen. In a recent TikTok, Lizzo walks viewers through her recipe for “Brussels sprouts nachos.” The recipe calls for a blend of walnuts, bell peppers, onion, seasoning (improvisation encouraged), and cumin seed in order to make a meatlike filling and puréed tomatoes for acidity. She cooks the Brussels sprouts in an air fryer, and finally, adds Mother’s Raw Vegan Queso on top and drizzles the whole thing with melted vegan cream cheese. The recipe was an instant hit among fans, prompting millions of likes, comments, and responses.

At the core of Lizzo’s TikTok output is a strong and invaluable message on body positivity for all of her fans. Throughout her posts on food, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, Lizzo makes a careful distinction between health and physique. Back in June, she told people "they need to work on themselves" if they are spending time thinking about her body.  Her message:

"So next time you want to come to somebody and judge them, whether they drink kale smoothies or eat McDonald's, or workout or not workout, how about you look at your own f**king self and worry about your own self, because health is not just determined by what you look like on the outside but who you are on the inside. So how about you look at your own self and a lot of yall have to a f**king cleanse for your insides. Namastay. Have a great day.”

Last December, Lizzo posted about her experience doing JJ Smith’s 10-day green smoothie cleanse, which she undertook to hit “reset” on her health after a period of gastrointestinal issues, and she explained at the time that she was doing it for her health and not a diet.

Lizzo is a thought leader who shows fans how to live healthy on her own terms

Lizzo has been a force to be reckoned with in the pop music scene ever since her hit single Truth Hurts back in 2019. While the artist has won over many fans with her unrivaled vocals and fantastic stage performances, Lizzo has also cultivated a serious following because of her plant-based, body-positive lifestyle.

Lizzo often describes her plant-based journey in videos, captions, and interviews. She first discovered veganism while living in Minneapolis, and began incorporating healthier eating options into her everyday life as a working musician. She began by cutting out meat before adopting a fully plant-based lifestyle in April of 2020.

According to Lizzo, keeping up a vegan lifestyle became easier as time went on. By making a choice to seek out new plant-based restaurants and markets, “[she] found places that were really creative with how they made vegan food.” Today, her social media accounts document all the delicious ways she has found to eat healthy, creative plant-based meals. Most recently, Lizzo has been exploring raw veganism, sticking to organic, uncooked, and unprocessed whole foods. She has shouted out Rawvolution––a vegan meal kit delivery service––as an excellent way to eat raw every day. “Being raw has a lot of internal benefits,” says Lizzo, most importantly higher energy levels for the busy life of a superstar.

The end goal of her plant-based eating habits is not seeking a certain body ideal, she has told fans over and over, but rather to harness the health benefits of eating this way. In an Instagram video, Lizzo shows herself in March 2020, when she was eating more animal products, followed by a video of herself a year later, with her protein shake. Rather than framing the comparison as a successful transformation, Lizzo declares that “Honestly, I am both of these women, and I cannot condemn one woman or the other.” Lizzo keeps her eyes set on what makes her feel best and how to maintain that positive feeling.

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