Exercising for only five minutes at a pop and still getting the results you want may sound too good to be true, but when you strengthen hard-to-target areas, like your hip flexors, you expand your range of motion, which boosts the value of your workout. In this easy yet effective 5-minute exercise routine with fitness instructor Caroline Deisler, you will incorporate stretching and resistance into each move, which will increase your flexibility while building muscle definition and strength to achieve your fitness goals. Isn't that the best of both worlds?

Strong Glutes Are Especially Important If You WFH or Sit For Long Hours

Looking back, it's been over a year since many of our living rooms or kitchen tables became home offices and home gyms. That means we end up sitting for too long, but the upside is you can get up from your desk and do some stretches and strength moves any time, without having to go to the gym (or change, shower, commute, all of which cuts into your workout time).  When we sit for long hours we weaken our core, shorten our hip flexors and tighten muscles that then respond by cramping, aching, and leading to less movement in our day. If you're suffering from back, shoulder, neck, or hip aches you need to start building strong muscles in your glutes and abs, to help stabilize your body, tighten your core, and prevent the issues before they crop up and lead to more serious problems.

Weak glutes cause hip pain, lower back pain, and even knee pain in some of the worst cases. It's important to stabilize your pelvis and protect your hip joints from becoming off-centered with the specific glute and hip work Caroline Deisler performs in this video. In addition, if you're looking for a healthy solution to help alleviate these pain points, the moves also increase flexibility and can help reduce pressure on your muscles and joints. It's almost like taking a yoga and weight lifting class at once.

Many of these moves require holding a tabletop or reverse tabletop position with a flat back and your hands and knees directly on the floor or in the air. This position is one of the best ways to engage your core and hamstring muscles when you squeeze and tighten your abs and legs during every move. The key is to focus on perfecting your form and take each step slowly so reap all the benefits of strengthening your muscles, improving definition with a deep burn, increasing flexibility and balance, and burning more calories.

Working Out with a Resistance Band Has Added Benefits of Getting Results Faster

For every move, Caroline uses a resistance band, similar to weight, for a harder workout. Just like using weighted ankle bands, resistance bands also contract your muscles and tear the micro-fibers so you essentially re-build stronger muscle. The difference is, resistance bands, promote better form, help you have better control and focus over the angle of your position, and overall improve the quality of your workout since your muscles are rarely in a 'resting' phase. Even though the band is optional, it's highly recommended for this compound workout.

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Here Are Your Five Workout Moves For Strong a Stronger Core and Glutes

First Move: On your mat, get into a reverse tabletop position with your hands and feet on the floor and your chest and pelvis are raised facing the sky. Holding this position so your body is flat and your glutes are tight, move your thighs out to the side then back in the starting position. During the move, you can wear an optional resistance band to help build strong muscle.

Second Move: Your next move is in the same reverse tabletop position put you will extend one leg out front and hold it in the air. Slowly raise that one leg up to the sky and down to the ground, keeping your body in a straight line with a tight core and squeezed glutes. Switch legs after 30 seconds and repeat this movement. The optional resistance band will be placed around your tighs.

Third Move: In the same reverse tabletop position, drop your hips so they are hovering over the mat/floor but not touching the ground. In this move, you will thrust your hips to the sky then slowly lowering your hips back to the starting position. Try to get your hips as low as you can without touching the ground. In this case, act like the floor is lava. Remember to keep your core, hamstrings, and glutes tight so you can feel the workout in all three muscle groups.

Fourth Move:  In a standard tabletop position with your hands and knees touching the floor and your gaze looking downwards at the ground, you will kick your bent leg straight up to the sky and as you lower it back down to the starting position, kick your inner thigh outwards, this is called a fire hydrant move. These are two moves that flow into one.

Fifth Move: Repeat the first move and you're finished. Well done!

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