Kicking off today, Coachella is finally back after a two-year hiatus. The legendary music festival hosted in the California deserts is coming back ten times stronger. With headliners like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, and more, people have swarmed to Southern California for the music. But this year, Coachella will be remembered for more than the jaw-dropping concerts and all-day parties.

Since Nic Adler of Monty's Good Burger took over as the two-weekend music festival's Culinary Director, vegan food has taken its place on stage. With over 20 vegan-friendly vendors at Coachella, plant-based concertgoers will be amazed by the abundance of tasty, affordable, and impressive vegan options available.

Now that Coachella is here, The Beet has compiled a list of many plant-based options at the music festival. Distinguished by areas, check out where to find the best vegan options.

12 Peaks VIP

1. Craig’s Vegan (Also at Rose Garden)

Sitting in the sun for hours and hours? There's only one real option to bare the heat of the desert: ice cream. Collaborating with Chamberlain Coffee, Craig's Vegan will be serving up scoops to festival-goers in need of a cold retreat.

2. Lettuce Feast

This local legend will be serving up its mouthwatering vegan chicken for concertgoers that need a hefty meal to keep partying. For legendary chicken sandwiches, Lettuce Feast is a must-visit pitstop (maybe more than once during the weekend).

3. ManEatingPlant

This vegan vendor is famous for its delicious vegan noodles and scrumptious plant-based boa buns. Without a doubt, MANEATINGPLANT will draw a huge crowd, so try to beat the line to get some delicious plant-based Asian-inspired eats.

Other Plant-Based Offerings

  • Backyard Bowls: Offering specialty acai and smoothie bowls.
  • El Chino Grande: Preparing Yuba N' Rice with Hodo Foods tofus and crunchy cabbage slaw.
  • Ronan: Neapolitan pizzeria offering a tomato pizza featuring squash blossoms and bright cherry tomatoes.
  • Sunny Blue: Preparing some Instagram-worthy plant-based omusubi filled with a specialty blend of mushrooms.
  • Sweetfin Poke: A must-try vegan poke bowl with sweet potatoes, avocado, and more!
  • Tacos 1986: Grab some mouthwatering seasoned mushroom tacos.

Indio Central Market

1. #JuiceBae

When you find yourself in need of a nutrient boost, search out #JuiceBae for one of this Los Angeles staple's delicious juices. With several tasty flavors, this is the energy boost all Coachella visitors will need.

2. Cena Vegan

Between the vegan quesabirria or the plant-based burritos, it's impossible to say what's best from Cena Vegan. Make sure to track down this fantastic vegan lunch option for some delicious vegan street tacos.

3. Ramen Hood

At first, Ramen Hood appears to be out of place. But to match the hot desert days, there will be cold desert nights. After a full day of dancing to your favorite musicians, Ramen Hood's ramen is designed to heal, complete with a plant-based egg.

4. Slutty Vegan

Arriving all the way from the East Coast, Slutty Vegan is stopping by Coachella to show the West Coast how vegan burgers are made. With tons of exciting burger options, Sultty Vegan is the ideal spot for anyone looking for an indulgently delicious vegan option.

Other Plant-Based Offerings

  • All Dat Dim Sum: For a quick plant-based bite, this vegan bao bun is one of the best options.
  • Milk Box: Everyone loves a good, dairy-free boba tea on a hot summer day.
  • Sumo Dog: Check out this vegan hot dog complete with a Field Roast sausage and all the necessary toppings.
  • Sus Arepas: Needing a portable lunch? Pick up some vegan arepas
  • Van Leeuwen: When you cannot find Craig's, do not worry. Van Leeuwen is offering a selection of vegan ice creams.

Terrace Food North

Monty’s Good Burger

From the brains of the entire operation, Monty's Good Burger is slinging specialty patties both weekends. For some of the best burgers you can find in the West and a cool dairy-free milkshake, Monty's is giving Coachella visitors the full Californian burger joint experience.

More Plant-Based Offerings

Among the amazing exclusively vegan options scattered around Coachella, festival-goers can find delicious plant-based eats from plenty of other vendors. Check out this shortlist of vendors that will incorporate vegan-friendly offerings into their menus.

Rose Garden

  • Bridgetown Roti: For weekend two, this Indian-inspired Chana and Sweet Potato Roti wrap will be a fan favorite.
  • Love Hour: Grab the Carly Rae Jepsen Burger made with Beyond Meat.
  • Post & Beam: One weekend only! Get these vegan crab cakes while they last.
  • White Sparrow Coffee: Need energy? Grab a dairy-free coffee drink from White Sparrow.
  • Woodfire Wings: A traditional chicken wing vendor is bringing a plant-based surprise to Coachella.

Outdoor Theater Bar

  • Block Party: Check out the exclusive, inventive vegan cocktail whipped up by these bartenders.

Terrace Food South

  • Hawkin’s House of Burgers: This burger vendor made sure to come prepared to serve hungry vegans.
  • Salt & Straw: For more dairy-free ice cream and shakes, find Salt & Straw.

Craft Beer Barn

  • Junbi: For a full selection of green tea beverages and matcha, make your way to the Beer Barn.

Coachella Courtyard

  • Trill Burgers: Showcasing its new vegan burger, festival-goers will be able to grab a quick lunch or dinner in the courtyard.

For more plant-based eats near you, visit The Beet's Find Vegan Near Me articles. 

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