Today is your second day of the keto plant-based meal plan meaning you already completed the hardest part, the first day. Your menu today includes, for breakfast, an almond joy oatmeal bowl that calls for chocolate chips and almond butter (WooHoo!), a hearty mushroom burger topped with avocado (a healthy fat) for lunch, and a kale stir fry that's loaded with flavor for dinner. (Kale haters hold your fire since this is a complete 180 transformation of this leafy green vegetable.)

Your meals will look and smell so delicious that your friends and family will want to join in on this health-focused lifestyle. Send them the recipes and tell them to hop on the meal plan with you, for more delicious, creative, and easy-to-make meals that will introduce them to a new style of plant-based cooking.

The Vegan Keto Diet Meal Plan: Day 2

Your vegan keto meal plan for day 2: Almond Joy Oatmeal Bowl for breakfast, Mushroom Avocado Burger for lunch and Kale Stir Fry for dinner.

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