You've crunched and planked, but still, you don't see the results you want in your lower abs, until now. The Beet's vegan fitness instructor Caroline Deisler takes you through an easy 5-minute workout that targets your lower abs to strengthen your core, help tone your stomach, improve your posture, support your shoulders, neck, and hips, and feel accomplished.

It's no secret that this part of your body is one of the most difficult areas to strengthen because that's where we store most excess fat, especially for women because the estrogen hormone naturally holds onto fat in your lower stomach. Despite this, you can strengthen your core and get rid of unwanted belly fat in the hardest place to lose it by performing this five-minute ab workout that really focuses on toning and tightening these hard to reach muscles. After your easy yet effective workout, keep up the hard work and try Caroline's other workout videos. Find which one works best for you:

Here Are Your 5 Quick Workout Moves For Stronger Lower Abs

First Move: Straight Legs Down. Lay on your back, put your hands behind your head, raise your shoulders an inch off the mat, straighten your legs and lift them two inches off the ground. Then, bend your legs and bring them in towards your pelvis and lift into the air using your lower abs. Then, lower them back down and repeat for one minute. Make sure your lower back stays on the mat and your feet and legs never touch the ground. You should feel a healthy burn in your lower abs and a slight burn in your hamstrings from holding your legs in the air.

Second Move: Roll Up with Extended Knees. This move looks exactly like the name implies. Laying on your mat, lift your legs into a reverse tabletop position with your legs extended slightly. Make sure your lower back stays on the mat and your arms are by your side or underneath your butt for better back support. Then, lift upwards and move your knees to your chest so your lower abs are completely engaged. Then, go back to lowering your legs by bringing them down and back into the reserve tabletop with a slight extension and repeat this move for one minute.

Third Move: Leg Raise Up + Scissor Back Down. Laying on your back, lift your legs straight and up into the air so your body and legs are at a 90-degree angle. Your body will look like a backward L shape. Then, perform small scissor kicks as you slowly lower your legs downwards completely straight without your feet touching the mat. Now, your body will be in a straight line with your legs and feet lifted one inch from the mat. You can place your hands underneath your butt for lower back support. You should feel this move in your upper and lower abs.

Fourth Move: High Plank + Knees to Chest. Now, flip over and get into a plank position. For a healthy plank stance, your shoulders should be directly over your wrist. Your body will be in a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Make sure your butt is straight, not lowered, or raised. A healthy plank form is important so you avoid any possible injuries. Now, raise one leg off the mat so your body is still in a straight line with your other foot-supporting your stance. Then, bending your leg, bring your knee towards your chest, and try to touch the outside of your elbow. Repeat this movement for thirty seconds then switch legs and do the same exact moves.

Fifth Move: High Plank + Push Straight Leg Outwards. In a high plank position with your hands on the mat, lift one leg off the mat and kick outwards to the side so your leg will move past your shoulders. Then, bring it back into eh plank position without placing your foot back on the mat and repeat for thirty seconds. Try to keep as straight leg and avoid bending your knee. You will feel a healthy burn in your lower abs, shoulders, and a stretch in your hips. Switch legs and repeat for a total of one minute.

When you finish stretch out your lower abs and other muscle groups with this five-minute stretching series and hydrate by drinking lots of water. Stay tuned next week for another five-minute workout vegan guru Caroline Deisler!

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