This holiday, if you're shopping for someone who can't stop talking about the extra miles they biked because they're working from home, how psyched they are that their gym has re-opened, or the mountain they love to ski (even if it means this season they have to buy an expensive pass), or the fact that pro sports are mostly back, we know exactly what they want under the tree. It turns out, shopping for them isn't as tough as they are.

We have the gear every athlete or fitness fanatic needs to ride up their game or sweat harder from home. These gifts will help relieve sore muscles or perform at their peak since these gifts were hand-picked by athletes who understand that challenge = fun.

We've done all the heavy lifting (pun intended) here and created this guide of 15 gift ideas every athlete will obsess over. Plus your recipient will appreciate you even more for improving their game.

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1. Ulla Hydration Reminder, $30

Hydration is crucial for anyone who wants to get to the next level. In fact, even as you sit reading this, you're probably not drinking enough water. The recommended daily amount is 2/3 of our weight in ounces, according to a recent study. However, the amount is adjusted based on a person's physical activity, so it's more if you're active. An athlete losses water and electrolytes in every sweat session, and needs to replace it to nourish the body and not feel fatigue set in, This gadget will signal when to drink.

Ulla is a small gadget that attaches to any bottle no matter what its shape, size, or material. If you forget to drink your recommended amount of water this hour, a smart detection sensor prompts you to take a sip. It will help you boost your metabolism, improve your productivity, hydrate your skin cells, and enhance your athletic performance all just by reminding you: Drink up!

2. Bala Weights, $49

During the lockdown, Bala weights were nowhere to be found, with the exception of your Instagram feed. The shelter-in-place godsends were out of stock for months, but now Bala weights are re-stocked and you should be prepared for another outage leading up to this holiday. Give the gift of chic, stylish, effective ankle and bracelet weights to enhance any activity, even if that's just cleaning the house. These weights are good for walking, yoga, stretching, biking, running, weight training, HIIT workouts, and more. Your loved one will thank you for being ahead of the fitness trends!

3. Tangram Jumprope, $79.95

We know that the athlete in your life will think this smart jump rope is the coolest form of cardio, and it can be done just about anywhere. The Tangram is unlike any other with smart gym since it features your data in a display in mid-air, like a futuristic hologram. The jump rope keeps track of calories burned, time-lapsed, jumps (who can keep count?), and plugs these into your personal fitness goals. The smart device lets you train with coaches based on your skill level and intervals. You get to win awards and badges for every achievement, and keep track of your progress. Competitive athletes will love the fact that Tangram allows you to compete with other users around the world, so buy two of these–the challenge is on!

4.  FITLY Sub90 Hydro Running Pack, $79

"Got a pal who can’t wait for the day when they’re back on the race course completing their next Marathon, Ironman Triathlon, or Tough Mudder course? Wow ‘em with Sub90, a sleek design that allows the runner to wear a backpack that won't jostle as they run, and which stores small items and even hydration for them while they train. It's also an easy way to carry your change of clothes if you want to commute on foot, while not carrying too big a pack. Designed to feel like you have nothing on (much appreciated compared to less aerodynamic packs), this is running gear that will make the recipient wonder how they lived without it."

By Perri O. Blumberg

5. Drea Wheeler's Resistance Bands, $40

Aerobic gurus understand that resistance bands enhance any workout, even if it's just lunging or squatting in your living room. In fact, pro athletes including Tom Brady choose to build strength only using resistance bands as opposed to weight lifting, because they're safe and consistently helps to build lean muscle mass without injury. These bands were created by Drea Wheeler, a popular fitness influencer and founder of the now famous Bodylicious class, which you can find on her website. Wheeler is known for creating a workout that strengthens and tones your butt with her signature moves that target the glutes and hamstrings simultaneously. In her classes, she uses these thick, stretchy bands to make each move even more effective. Her followers swear that they help them reach their goals faster by intensifying the workout. Drea Wheeler's Resistance Bands will become an essential addition to your loved one's gym bag, and they won't travel anywhere without them, when travel is back on.

6. JaxJox InteractiveStudio, $2,199 or $299 For the Kettlebell

The at-home InteractiveStudio is perfectly designed to offer everything you need in a gym, in a smaller space. It combines cardio, strength, and recovery equipment all in one compact unit to create the complete 360-degree workout experience. The coolest part? The amount of kettlebell and dumbbell weight is adjustable on each with the push of a button so you can dial up or down the difficulty depending on your personal strength and achieve new fitness goals. The studio goes beyond heart rate and calorie tracking, it also keeps track of reps, sets, total volume, and shows your average power during each workout. Interact and train with coaches on live video and get motivated to work even harder. Now, your loved one can turn the basement or study into a home gym and enjoy a gym-quality workout without the commute.

7. Theragun Massage Tool, $499

Every athlete no matter how tough deals with muscle soreness, joint pain and tissue tension in the course of training, so give the gift that's guaranteed to improve their game and soothe their achy parts. The Theragun has several settings and massager heads, sure to relax and relieve overworked muscles. Choose from deep massaging versus light pulsating or several choices in between. There are other cheaper ones out there but the Theragun is made with durable features to accelerate recovery time, release stress, treat soreness, and tension, and soothe painful muscles with a therapeutic massage-like pressure. The athlete in your life will appreciate the daily relaxation ritual at the end of the day. Remember YOU are the one who helped with a speedy recovery, so feel free to borrow it back.

For affordable pricing on deep muscle massagers, we recommend buying a similar product on Amazon for under $100.

8. Mirror, $1,495 (or $42 a month for 36 months)

This isn't just a workout on a device, Mirror bills itself as a home gym without all the bulky equipment. It's an interactive cardio class, a peaceful yoga studio, an intense boxing ring, and your own personal trainer, all in one. Give the gift that keeps on giving, an at-home gym without the bulky equipment or necessary commute . Mirror is a thin, shiny, sleek attachment that you simply lay against your wall like an actual  bedroom mirror. Although the price is steep, Mirror is well worth the investment if your fitness-obsessed loved one takes regular boutique workout classes or doesn't have enough time to spare. Paying for a gym membership or those bootcamp classes adds up. Mirror is a generous way to let your loved ones know you support their athletic performance and passion to be fit, strong and healthy.

9. Carbon 38 Printed High Rise, $98

There's no better feeling than working out in brand new gym clothes that feel fresh, look cool, and motivate you to work even harder. These vibrant green tie-dye exercise pants from Carbon 38 have a double-face waistband with a core-stabilizing feature that feels both flattering and comfortable. The fabric is silky smooth, contours to your silhouette, and makes you feel secure as you take on your next tough workout. These pants work for anyone, athletes or non-athletes, so long as the goal is to feel stylish and wear comfortable pants (pair with a white t-shirt when next on vacation, just to walk around in). Give this gift as a set with the matching sports bra and your loved one will want to wear them right then and there.

10. Stella McCartney x Adidas Sneaker, $230

Designer Stella McCartney is known for her vegan-friendly and cruelty-free luxury products and also for her epic partnership with Adidas to create chic, fashion-forward activewear without any animal products or testing. The Ultraboost X 3.D. from Adidas by Stella McCartney is a lightweight running shoe with flexible features that make the seams breathable and ensure maximum comfort (aka no blisters). The best part for those who care about sustainability and the planet: These shoes are created with Parley Ocean Plastic, a yarn made from recycled ocean-bound waste that was retrieved from beaches and collected by coastal communities before it was able to reach the ocean. Inspire your loved one or best friend to run, walk, hike harder with these brand new sneakers that they will feel good about.

11. Peleton Bike, $1,895

Peleton is every athlete's best friend, whether they call themselves a cyclist or not. The live-streaming, goal-setting, incline riding bike, which has become a working-from-home most-wanted item, is worth the price since everyone in the household can ride to their heart's content. The Peleton app brings you thousands of classes from world-famous instructors, and pushes you to make new strides in your fitness level. Choose between interval classes and endurance, and decide whether you want to try to top the leaderboard or just ride with your friends (or make new ones from around the world). The bike has adjustable gearing to simulate climbing mountains or spinning on flat roads. The professional instructors make classes enjoyable, seamless, and efficient. Peleton is a safe way to exercise because it's easy on the muscles and joints, and lets you work at your own skill level. Give the gift that will let your loved one become healthier, stronger, and set new fitness goals.

12. Laird Superfood Protein Bundle, $42.90

Every athlete knows how important protein is for performance and recovery. But where and how to get it in an all-natural, plant-based formula? This year, give the gift of this Protein Powder Bundle by Laird Superfood, created by Laird Hamilton, the big wave surfer who designed this line of clean, natural, functional fuel to help him focus and sustain his strength for hours on the water. (He rides waves taller than buildings, so we trust that his protein will work for whatever your athlete is up to.) This protein powder contains 19 grams of plant protein per serving and all nine naturally occurring essential amino acids. The package also comes with a blender bottle so your loved one can create protein drinks to enjoy on-the-go. This gift is the perfect combination for someone who wants to build lean muscle and enjoys a delicious protein powder made with all-natural ingredients. First-timers, use the code BEET10 to save 10% off of your purchase.

Sponsored, in partnership with Laird Superfood.

13. Nike Apple Watch, $279

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 11.48.32

Nike Apple Watch with the Nike Run Club app is an athlete's best running partner. Meet your new goals, hit intermediate milestones and never get bored, with customized workouts, that coaches you through runs of every duration, and speed. The app will pair you with real live running coaches who virtually help you master your desired goals as they coach you through pace work to reach your next PR (for those of you on the giving end that stands for Personal Record). Now, the athlete in your life has a stylish accessory that also helps improve their race times. Listen to music, make calls or ignore them, send a text, all without carrying your phone. You can choose from a sporty lineup of bands from sweat-proof to office-ready. Once you get this watch you won't want to take it off.

14. Vertiball, $49.99

"For swimmers, cyclists, runners, and any kind of athlete under the sun who suffers from back pain (raises your hand!) this mobile, wall-mounted massager will soothe a variety of sore spots. You simply mount the Vertiball to virtually any vertical surface and adjust the amount of pressure you want to apply to problem spots or whenever you're in need of lumbar relief."

By Perri O. Blumberg

15. Hyperice Venom Back, $249

The Venom Back from Hyperice is an athlete's best recovery gear because not only does it apply healing heat to the troubled stiff back area, it also relaxes stiff and sore muscles by applying PT-quality vibration to the spot, all in a streamlined design. This wearable, adjustable piece of equipment includes a digital touchscreen so you can control every movement, and listen to your body. There are three methods of vibrations for different types of back pain. Stand up, sit down, lie down, or walk and get a soothing, healing restorative massage as you do. This gift works for anyone, whether they are athletes or desk jockeys, but if your loved one is a skier, they will absolutely love Hyperice to strap on after an awesome day pounding the moguls or cruising off-piste on the mountain.

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