With so much time spent at home, this year's isolation caused many to look inward during shelter-in-place orders and pose bigger questions to themselves about the world, questions about meaning and purpose. In fact, Google Trends shows that searches for the term 'spirituality' spiked to an all-time high this October, nearly doubling what it had been last January, before we'd ever heard of the novel coronavirus.

If you spend any time at all perusing TikTok or Instagram, the algorithm is bound to serve you up bite-size videos of yoga practices, tarot readings, or videos on how to align your chakras. It's no secret that many are choosing to explore the spiritual side of life. Just a couple of years ago, Pew Research found that although more Americans, especially the younger generations, are rejecting traditional religion, feelings of spirituality are continuing to climb.

That means that in all likelihood, one of your loved ones, whether a family member, friend, or coworker, is interested in the spiritual. What better way to celebrate that this holiday season than by getting them a gift that resonates and validates the seeker in them? From meditation poufs to gratitude journals, or monthly subscriptions to wellness aids, we've got you covered with 12 great ideas that will help them deepen their practice and answer the big questions.

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1. Maison Balzac Incense Holders, $29 each

Any meditation or yoga guru knows that a good incense can help them get into the right headspace for mindfulness. These Maison Balzac incense holders will complement any home decor style, and are far chicer than the dollar wooden incense holders your loved one probably picked up at a smoke shop. Available in a range of colors, you'll have no trouble finding the right shade to match your recipient's taste and decor.

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2. Subscription to Gaia Streaming Service, $10.99 per month

For someone who is leaning into spirituality, this gift will be one they appreciate all throughout the year. Think of Gaia as the Netflix of the spiritual content world: A streaming service that features documentaries about mindfulness, healing, guided meditations, live-streaming yoga practices, and much more. For the intellectually curious, this gift will keep feeding their mind, with new titles and content added weekly. For that matter, get one for yourself.

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3. Costa Brazil Breu Resin, $145

Breu Branco is a tree resin native to Brazil that is known for its aromatic properties and ability to light up the spirit and ease stress. Breu Branco is used by Brazilians in sacred ceremonies as a healing agent as well as for incense, to remove and clear negative energies. (Note, we tried it and it worked!)

Costa Brazil, founded by former Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa, is harnessing the power of Breu Branco with this sustainably-sourced resin that comes in a gorgeous tin accompanied by a ceramic tray for easy burning. This product is the perfect luxe gift for anyone who is looking to connect with nature and harness its healing powers, from the comfort of their home.

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4. Yin Yang Tumbler, Meha Ceramics in Collaboration with Colors by Emily Rose, $60

Give this handcrafted yin yang tumbler to your best friend, along with some ceremonial matcha, and she'll think of you every morning during her first cuppa. Meha Ceramics is a woman-owned company that makes thoughtful pieces inspired by the colors of the earth.

This limited-edition orange and natural design was made in collaboration with Emily Klein, an artist focused on nature's impact on wellbeing. The yin yang cup is a signature of Meha Ceramics and available in more colors on their website. For the friend focused on achieving balance in her life, this handmade tumbler is the perfect reminder.

5. Holstee Reflection Cards, $18

You may be familiar with conversation-starting card decks that help you break the ice with a crowd. Holstee's Reflection Cards follow a similar formula, but this deck can help you break the ice with yourself and reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and relationships with others.

For the spiritual seeker who is on a journey, this gift is a thoughtful way to enrich their relationship with themselves. Give them to a friend going through a breakup, or a loved one who is going through a tough time; these cards are a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who is entering a new phase of theirs. The cards are not only great for thinking, but they can act as journal prompts and jumpstart deeper inner conversations. Holstee suggests using these cards with friends, family, co-workers, partners, and keeping a pack for yourself.

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6. Luxe Velvet Meditation Set, Mindful and Modern, $144

To amp up a loved one's meditation time, this velvet cushion and mat set will allow them to set their mind at ease almost instantly. Available in six colors, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect shade for the wellness guru on your list.

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7. Bambino Boheme Crystals, LUX AESTIVA, $44

These crystal-infused soaks make bath time a pampering self-care ritual. With pink Himalayan sea salt, salt from the Dead Sea, and magnesium chloride, these detoxifying bath mixes are a decadent gift for any friend who loves to take great care of herself. These bath crystals come in gorgeous reusable jars and have petals mixed into the soaks for an ultra-luxe experience.

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8. Gratitude Diary, Genara, $16

This has been a trying year (it goes without saying) but giving thanks and being grateful for everything you do have has been scientifically shown to rewire your brain and boost mental health. Give the gift of optimism with this gratitude journal, a gorgeous, hand-bound reminder of all of the love in your life. Let them write down their gratitude attitude on heavy, handmade cream paper. Pair this jounal with a nice pen and you have the perfect little something to show your friend just how grateful you are for them.

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9. Soji Energy Beauty Roller, $50

This pocket-sized crystal oil holder is a great two-in-one gift: It doubles as a gua sha, so you can fill the rose quartz or amethyst container with face oil and use it to practice the ancient East Asian technique of massaging your face with a stone for better circulation and bring out your natural glow. Gift this with a luxurious face oil for the perfect, thoughtful gift.

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10. Edens Garden Ceramic Bloom Diffuser, $25.95

This compact, eco-friendly diffuser uses the zen power of essential oils to transform your home into a spa-like oasis. This diffuser looks quite chic and won’t break the bank. It also requires no heat or electricity, thanks to the porous and unglazed ceramic clay used to make the porcelain flower which allows essential oils to absorb and waft into the surrounding space.

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11.  Shemana Savasana Meditation Spray, $28

Upgrade a loved one's meditation practice with this crystalline therapy elixir spray inspired by the peaceful yoga pose Savasana. A relaxing blend of crystal and flower essences and pure essential oils, give this gift to your favorite yogi and have them mist their yoga area or meditation mat with this spray before practicing for a blissful, serene boost.

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12. WYLDE Adaptogenic Lattes, $29-35

The health benefits of adaptogens–roots, herbs, and plants that help alleviate stress from the body–are seemingly endless. That's one reason WYLDE is harnessing the anxiety-relieving, focus-helping, mind-sharpening benefits and crafting them into chic, delicious latte mixes. From turmeric golden lattes to ceremonial matcha or a cup of calming cacao, these lattes are a luxury in themselves. Give your recipient a gorgeous mug and get a set of these for yourself too, since you want to stay as zen and healthy as she is.

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By Perri O. Blumberg

13. Laird Superfood Stay Hydrated Bundle, $49.85

This Stay Hydrated Bundle from Laird Superfood is the perfect gift for a friend who hikes, bikes, does yoga, and everything in between. Created by Laird Hamilton, big wave surfer and entrepreneur, and Gabby Reece, former pro volleyball player, to help them concentrate while training or competing (in Laird's case on waves bigger than a small building). Laird and Gabby both believe in fueling up with all-natural plant-based ingredients to keep up with their busy lifestyle. Give a gift bundle of Laird Superfood's instant coconut water mixes that require only water to activate. This three-pack contains Original Hydrate Coconut Water, Pineapple Mango Hydrate Coconut Water, and Activate Daily Jumpstart. First time customers save 10% off their first order with the code BEET10.

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