Black Friday came early this year, and if your Thanksgiving menu has taken up most of your time and attention this week, you're probably just starting to think about holiday gifting. This time of year always tends to creep up on us, which is why the editors of The Beet have done the heavy lifting for you by finding the best plant-based, planet-friendly gift ideas for everyone on your list, even your four-legged furry friends.

Welcome to your 2022 plant-based, sustainable, affordable gift guide. We have gifts for the plant-based host or hostess, the climate-conscious consumer, and even your favorite pet. Start your shopping whenever you'd like. The hard part (coming up with gift ideas) is done!

Whether you're shopping for a foodie friend who hosts the best vegan dinner parties, your sustainably-minded family member who appreciates when a gift gives back to the planet, or your co-worker who just adopted a new furry friend, we've got everyone covered. Here are the best gifts for the plant-based foodie, the eco-minded, and the pet lover.

Gifts for the Plant-Based Foodie

Impress the home chef or the dinner party host in your life with these unique gifts and gadgets that will elevate their time in the kitchen.

Bread maker

Cuisinart Breadmaker

Many of our bread-baking hours peaked in 2020 and have since waned as we returned to workplace jobs. But that doesn't mean you don't crave fresh, homemade bread. This Broad & Taylor breadmaking machine will make it easy for your loved one to create artisan-level loaves with minimal effort. With 12 pre-programmed menu options, they'll be able to craft French, Whole Wheat, and even Gluten-Free breads with the touch of a button and a few simple ingredients. Plus, this sweet present also pretty much guarantees you'll be gifted a few of these homemade loaves in the future. That's what we call bread-winning.

Purchase on the Williams Sonoma website.

Price: $199.95

Brooklyn Dehli Sweet and Spicy Gift Set

Perfect for a hostess gift, this trio of sweet, spicy, and savory Indian sauces will transform any dish into an impressive medley of flavor. Great for dipping, dunking, or garnishing, the unique flavors of this kit will delight. If you've never tried achaar –– a catchall term for pickle –– before, this tangy, spicy condiment makes bread, rice, or anything else you slather with it twenty times more delicious, and Brooklyn Dehli's Garlic Achaar and Tomato Achaar are all not to be missed. Rounding out the trio is a Mango Chutney, a sweet condiment that is a delicious accompaniment to any Indian meal.

Purchase on the Brooklyn Dehli website.

Price: $39.95

Pretty bowl

Sona Sultan's Garden Serving Bowl

This stunning serving bowl with a hand-painted emerald design is the ultimate gift for someone who loves to cook: It's not only gorgeous but incredibly functional. Not to mention, it's one of those items you would likely never splurge on for yourself, so receiving this elegant serving bowl as a gift is a real treat. Check out the entire Sona Home collection, new from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her partners in the upscale Indian restaurant, Sona, NYC. Make your favorite vegan pasta, salads, and rice dishes even more memorable by serving them in this intricately beautiful bowl.

Purchase on the Sona Home website.

Price: $98


UME Plum Liqueur

This inky purple elixir is just as tasty as it is hypnotizing. Concocted from plums, UME Plum Liqueur changes color from a midnight indigo to a soft lavender depending on what you mix with it. Handcrafted in California, this drink is made from plums, dark cherries, grapes, and a tang of green apple and lemon, striking the perfect balance of sweet and tart, for a memorable cocktail. Instead of a more traditional spirit, opt for this immaculately-packaged plum liqueur for a magical, unexpected gift for the person that already has a crowded bar cart.

Purchase at your local liquor store or on the UME website.

Price: $34.99

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The Beet x Rouxbe's Plant-Based Guide to Meal Prep

Have a loved one who wants to cook more plant-based and get healthy? Give the gift of knowledge with our brand new cooking course made in partnership with Rouxbe which will teach you how to meal prep on a plant-based diet for natural weight loss, disease prevention, and more energy.

Purchase Your Cooking Course Gift Card here, but do it today to save 50% off through Sunday 11/27. The price now is just $19.99, our best deal yet. It goes back to $39.99.

Price: $19.99 Black Friday Special


Graza Olive Drizzle and Sizzle Set

The perfect gift for your friend who can't stop recreating recipes from viral cooking videos, you've likely seen this trendy duo of olive oil bottles all over your feed. These olive oils stand out from competitors thanks to their squeezable nozzle bottles, which allow ease in cooking and make topping a pizza or Foccacia with a healthy drizzle of EVOO simpler than ever. Plus, we can't ignore how cute the bottles look atop everyone's counter. Your

Purchase on the Graza website.

Price: $35

attachment-pink mushroom

Pink Oyster Growing Kit

Gift your plant-crazy friend this grow kit and watch as they sprout beautiful pink oyster mushrooms in just weeks, the perfect meaty, umami addition to any pasta dish. Easy enough for beginners to successfully incubate, this unique kit is a fun hostess present for the person who likes to get creative in the kitchen.

Purchase on the North Spore website.

Price: $30


Sauces By Jrk!

For the spice lovers on your list. JRK is a line of sauces that first appeared at the Jamaican-style restaurant of the same name in Miami. Give these Chef-created sauces to your favorite foodie who brings the heat The Jerk sauce adds more than a dash of spice to your tofu, jackfruit, or chickpeas. Try the Bonnet Hot sauce, made from Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, but just drizzle it, since it will set off a three-alarm fire in your mouth. Or, use it to host your own game of Hot Ones!

Purchase on the Sauces By Jrk! website.

Price: Packs start at $41.95

attachment-Minis Straight Shot

Transcendence Coffee Syrups

Liven up your bestie's morning coffee with these gourmet syrups from Transcendence Coffee. Available in creative flavors like Algerian Baklava and Indian Gulab Jamun, these syrups not only add dimension to a warm drink but are incredibly versatile. Drizzled over dairy-free ice cream or used in festive baked goods, these syrups will take any sweet treat up a level. Transcendence Coffee's two-pack of mini syrups is the perfect hostess gift for a holiday party, but take note that the Algerian Baklava flavor does contain honey (the Indian Gulab Jamun does not). While you're buying the syrup bundle, throw a bag of the company's house blend coffee in your cart for the perfect finishing touch.

Purchase on the Transcendence website.

Price: Mini Founder's Flavor Bundle is $15

Eco-Friendly Gifts

You can feel good about gifting these planet-friendly presents to your eco-minded friends and family. Okay, so the e-bike isn't exactly inexpensive but think of all the money it will save on gas!


Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike

Calling all city dwellers, this e-bike is the perfect gift so that your loved one can skip texting Lyft or Uber and make a more sustainable choice while getting to work in style. With speeds up to 20 miles per hour, they'll be looking chic while doing good for the planet. This e-bike is not only chic but it's like riding on a magic carpet. You go flying through the streets, uphill, and long distances with barely a tap on the pedal.

Purchase on the Retrospec website.

Price: $699


Five Two Down-to-Earth Compost Bin

This handy countertop companion will help anyone with a green thumb reduce kitchen waste and nourish the garden. This chic, compact tabletop composting bin allows easy recycling of peels, stems, and roots, turning them into something that will help give back to the earth. Plus, its odor-blocking carbon filter means that none of the scraps will stink up the kitchen. The gardener in your live will absolutely love this sustainable gadget.

Purchase on the Food52 website.

Price: $49


Bearaby Tree Napper Tencel Weighted Blanket

Like gifting a hug, this fully-biodegradable blanket is made from TENCEL, a material derived from the wood pulp of trees. Giving your loved one a weighted blanket can offer comfort and better sleep. The fabric in this Bearaby one is naturally cool, which means it will be perfect for summer nights. Plus, it's fully vegan and hand-knitted for a little extra love.

Purchase on the Bearaby website.

Price: $269+


Ida Vegan Soy Candle and Planter

We don't have to convince you that candles are a delightful gift, but this year, gift a loved one an ensuring present with this vegan soy wax candle that doubles as a plant. Here's how: Once all of the candle wax has been burned, fill the ceramic container which doubles as a planter with soil, and plant the paper label which is filled with wildflower seeds. Then, watch as the gift grows and fills your home with a different sort of beauty come spring.

Purchase on the Earth Hero website.

Price: $33.99

attachment-package free

Zero Waste Kit: Meals on the Go

This package-free kit is the perfect gift for the commuter who's trying to go green. With a stainless steel food container, a reusable sandwich bag, a bamboo cutlery set, and a reusable napkin, this gift set makes it easy to bring lunch to work without wasting a bunch of single-use plastics. It all comes complete in a cute reusable canvas tote. Throw in a gift card to their favorite grocery store so they can stock up on their favorite ingredients for on-the-go meals.

Purchase on the Package Free Shop's online store.

Price: $65

What's better than a gift that helps save the bees? Donate to World Wildlife Foundation on behalf of a loved one and they'll send you an adorable bee plushie, an adoption certificate, a gift bag, and a photo of the bee you're helping
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Adopt a Honeybee

What's better than a gift that helps save the bees? Donate to World Wildlife Foundation on behalf of a loved one and they'll send you an adorable bee plushie, an adoption certificate, a gift bag, and a photo of the bee you're helping. When someone asks if you adopted a pet during the pandemic tell them, yes! Actually, I have my favorite honeybee!

Purchase on the World Wildlife Foundation website.

Price: $25-100

Gifts for the Pet Lover

Don't forget your favorite furry family member and their adoring caretaker! Shower them both with these fun goodies. They may not have a list to share, but if they did, this would be it.

attachment-poo bags

Vegan Leather Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

Gift this vegan leather waste bag dispenser to a new dog parent so they can clean up in style while on a walk. Bonus: Give them a pack of compostable waste bags for a truly sustainable and useful gift. The Compostable bags made from plant-based fabric are available here for $8.99. Not only are you reducing plastic waste but if you're hiking and need to clear the trail these will become part of Mother Nature's circle of life so you can dispose of them guilt-free.

Purchase on the West Elm website.

Price: $40

attachment-cat stuff

Cervical Spine Protection Pet Bowls

Did you know that low-to-the-ground food and water bowls can strain your pet's posture? Especially for taller animals, the best way for them to eat or drink is on raised up bowls and dishes. These chic raised dishes and bowls are perfect for small dogs or cats and come in a bunch of cute, punchy colors to match everyone's home decor.

Purchase on the Happy and Polly website.

Price: $35.99 each


Travel Carrier

Elevate your typical dog carrier with these chic portable pooch homes in vibrant colors and durable mesh fabrics (not leather). Airline compliant and made with breathable mesh walls, the padded interior cushion folds out into a travel mat when your small dog wants to take a break.

Purchase on the Wild Ones website.

Price: $87.50

cbd for dogs

Not Pot CBD Pet Oil

Sadly, anxious pets are all too common now, especially since many of us spent the entire pandemic working from home, within easy petting distance of our furry friends. As most of us had to return to offices and leave our four-legged companions home alone, pet anxiety is a new national epidemic. That's why Not Pot's CBD pet oil is so great: This vet-approved formula naturally soothes anxious cats and dogs with just a few drops. Use it for thunderstorms, flights, or any other circumstances where your best friend is likely to get anxious.

Purchase on the Not Pot website.

Price: $35


Pet Monitoring Treat Dispenser Camera

Can't be there to see what's going on? When you need eyes on the homefront, whether it's because your pooch is well-behaved and you love watching, or they go berzerk when the delivery person shows up at your door (or the landscapers in the neighborhood fire up the leaf blowers) you can now have a way of watching and even rewarding good behavior, even if you're at work. This camera-and-treat dispenser is the perfect way to give both of you peace of mind.

Purchase on the Chewy website.

Price: $87.95


Aesop Animal Shampoo

Gift this to your favorite pet owner so that they can treat their cat or dog to a little at-home spa luxury with this cruelty-free animal wash. You can splurge and buy the shampoo and conditioner set, for that very special dog niece in your life. With a vegan formula and recycled packaging, this fancy shampoo is also better for the planet. Plus it smells divine, something the pet parent will thank you for on cold winter days when the pup is stuck inside and the windows are closed.

Purchase on the Nordstrom website.

Price: $40

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