Suddenly everyone's a foodie. With this being the year of working from home, people went from cooking an average of seven meals a week to 21, not including snacks (and there were plenty of those). Our loved ones transformed themselves into artful chefs, raising the bar on dinner to make every twirl in the kitchen a creative endeavor, whether it was perfecting their sourdough starter and showing off piping hot just-out-of-the-oven loaves, or experimenting with colorful cocktails complete with little sprigs of mint or rosemary, or overhauling the pantry shelves to include plant-based staples like Farro, Spelt flour and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.

Here is a list of the perfect gifts to give to the plant-based foodie in your life, to tell them, "Yep I see you acing that brunch frittata. Now here's the next weapon to add to your arsenal, to up your game." We may not be doing much entertaining these days, but each of these gifts will help make it more entertaining to put that healthy plant-based meal on the table, 21 times a week.

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1. Kana Cookware Dutch Oven

Both novices at baking and established cooks alike will love receiving this chic Dutch Oven, which offers the highest quality at an affordable price. The Dutch Oven is the OG of slow cookers, since once they heat up they keep the temperature at a steady, infused, stable heat level, perfect for baking bread or cooking up a veggie stew or watching a casserole rise. Kana’s cast iron dutch ovens can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, plus, they’re dishwasher safe and offer a lifetime guarantee. You have two sizes to choose from, the Classic Dutch Oven, and Mini Dutch Oven, with a choice of elegant and sleek colors including black, emerald green, or white (very photogenic for anyone who wants to share their creations). Milo’s Dutches easily rival the high-end brands like Le Creuset, with all the quality and class, but at a gift-worthy price.

Price: $95 - $135

Link: Purchase on their website,

2. Kosterina Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A cook can never have too much olive oil... and like tequila, quality matters! Kosterina specializes in oils made from olives sourced directly from the region in Greece where the company’s founder’s family has roots. Kosterina’s EVOO is authentically Mediterranea with a delicious smell, rich taste, and is loaded with health benefits. When olive oil is not truly "extra virgin," it is missing the polyphenol (antioxidant) content, an important health component. Kosterina EVOO always has a polyphenol content of 400 mg/kg or more at the time of harvest, so you can trust you're getting the highest quality with full-health benefits. The bottles are also beautiful, making this gift one that any home cook will be proud to display. The Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will please your garlic-lover, or yourself, but we also recommend the Original and the balsamic. They even make adorable mini EVOOs ($5.99) perfect as a stocking stuffer, or to combine into a gift set.

Price: $23.95 and up

Link: Find EVOOs and more on their website, here.

3. Rouxbe Plant-Based Cooking Course

Know someone who wants to go from amateur to pro? An online cooking class is a perfect gift to gain skills and confidence in the kitchen. The plant-based culinary school from Rouxbe has themed memberships including Plant-Based Cooking: An Introduction, Cooking Vegetables, and Knife Skills, as well as full access to courses, lessons, live events with culinary experts, and the meals they teach you how to create, are far from ordinary since you'll learn to make decadent vegan recipes. There is even an Essential Vegan Desserts class that will turn your culinary aspirations into plant-based mouthwatering feasts. This is a gift that will benefit the recipient and everyone in the family since you will all be eating better in no time.

Price: $499 - $1299

Link: Available online with membership.

4. Folded Hills  Wine and Holiday Gift Sets

Every good foodie needs good wine to pair with their creation. Gift the taste of quality clean wines from Santa Barbara-based winery Folded Hills. Their wines are vegan, have no residual sugars, fewer than one gram of carbs, and no commercial additives. (Not all wines are vegan, which is counter-intuitive, but for details on why that is the case, check out this story on how to pick a vegan wine.) Your recipient will appreciate a truly "clean" wine that leaves less of a chemical trace on your body since it lacks additives, and also comes in a beautiful presentation. Folded Hills has a number of holiday gift sets to choose from all packaged up for a luxe look and feel. Feeling generous? Consider gifting a membership to the wine club, which gives access to some of their most prized and precious bottles, offers regular shipments, plus other "club" perks. Folded Hills is sure to please any wine-lovers' palette and adds a layer of tasteful fun to your holiday meal pairing.

Price: $55 and up

Link: Shop wines and the holiday collections, here.

5. Laird Superfood Build Your Own Holiday Bundles: Superfood Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Creamers, and More

Trying to find the perfect gift for your health-conscious foodie who is always at the forefront of the best new products? Laird Superfood has you covered. Laird Superfood (launched by the big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and volleyball superstar Gabby Reece) makes simple, plant-based functional fuel and creamers that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no artificial ingredients. The company has expertly reinvented everyday items like coffee, creamers, hot chocolate, and more, and packed them full of superfoods and other functional ingredients. Make sure to check out their Holiday Headquarters and the Build Your Own Bundle that lets you choose a number of items they will package up and send directly to your recipient. Might we recommend the Hot Chocolate with Functional Mushrooms, the Vanilla Superfood Creamer, the Dark Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee, and the Matcha Instafuel... just to name a few. First-timers, use the code BEET10 to save 10% off of your purchase.

Price: $9.95 and up

Link: Shop online at

Sponsored, in partnership with Laird Superfood.

6. SodaStream One Touch Soda Maker

Who likes lugging heavy cases of sparkling water from the grocery store? Or buying single-use bottles that contribute to waste? No one. Thankfully there is SodaStream One Touch, a new and improved version of their classic soda water maker. Just add water to this electric sparkling water maker and your tap water sparkles and jumps for joy in seconds with three different levels of carbonation to choose from. Especially convenient for someone who likes to entertain (in a small way) or simply has bubbly-seeking loved ones. They can rest easy knowing they’ll always have bubbles on hand to serve with any meal or to jazz up a cocktail.

Price:  $129.99

Link: Available at and select retailers in-store and online.

7. Birdies Phoebe Faux Fur Slides

Here’s one for the lady in your life who appreciates style and function. Anyone who is up and about in the kitchen knows how important it is to have a good pair of house shoes. What's even better is if those house shoes are not only comfortable but stylish enough to work into any outfit, whether cooking up some pasta, stir-frying in jeans or going all out with silk PJ slacks and a fancy four-course dinner. Birdies come to the rescue with their luxurious and comfortable Phoebe Faux Fur slides. I think we can all agree that this is the year of the slipper, and Birdies does slippers best.

Price: $85

Link: Find on, here.


8. Food52 Handcrafted Wood Bread Board

Food52 is a phenomenal resource for all-things stylish in the houseware department. While this beauty is called a “breadboard,” it’s perhaps best suited as a cheese (and for us, a vegan cheese) and crackers board, to showcase your crostini, bruschetta, or to use for your everyday chopping and slicing. Made from New England ash wood, treated with food-safe teak oil, it’s sure to delight anyone who likes to serve or chop in style. Give it with vegan gourmet craft cheeses as a host gift.

Price: $95

Link: Find on here.

9. Three Girls Vegan Creamery Organic Vegan Cheese and More

Calling all cheese lovers, pizza lovers or both. Based in Connecticut, and now shipping nationwide, TThree Girls Organic Creamery is a plant-based foodies’ dream come true. Perhaps best known for their plant-based Italian comfort food, signature vegan meats, and elegant small-batch organic cheese, these girls certainly know how to handcraft plant-based food. Their signature vegan party-platter cheeses will be a welcome gift this year, like the Assorted Mini Cheese Cashew Cheese Wheels. Bellissimo!

Price: $17.50 and up (minimum purchase of $60 for delivery)

Link: Order via their website, here.

10. Steep’t Instant cocktail

Who doesn't love an at-home cocktail hour with a signature beverage? But the making part is often a tedious task. Steep't is a solution to the foodie's dilemma, of how to keep all those exotic ingredients at the ready. Steep’t makes craft cocktails in a teabag format. Just steep in alcohol and water and you have a restaurant-quality cocktail in under two minutes. The cocktail-in-a-teabag the recipient never knew existed will be his or her favorite holiday gift. Steep't comes in a number of flavors including a Skinny Margarita (with zero carbs, sugars, and calories). While you're at it, buy yourself a set.

Price: $30 - $90

Link: Shop on the Steep’t website, here.

11. Chefman's Multi-Functional Air Fryer

This is the kitchen accessory you never knew you needed. Air frying simulates deep frying without submerging the food in oil, making it that much healthier without compromising taste. For the person on your list who likes crispy cooking, this new kitchen essential is also perfect for the health-conscious foodie. Trust us: the Chefman Multi-Functional Air Fryer will make their foodie dreams come true. It handles any cooking, baking, dehydrating, and frying task.

Price: $129.99

Link: Purchase on Amazon.

12.  LEVO I infuser

This brilliant new kitchen gadget takes your cooking to the next level and is perfect for that creative-in-the-kitchen person who wants to get fancy... minus the mess. LEVO lets your foodie infuse water, oils, coffees, teas, and more with herbs, botanicals, fruit and other ingredients. The design makes for a beautiful display on the counter, and there are a number of classy colors to choose from. Give this to anyone who gets tired of regular water, and needs a little infusion to sweeten the sip.

Price: $129

Link: Available on Amazon and direct on LEVO’s website.

By Perri O. Blumberg

13. The Always Pan by Our Place

If you’re anything like us, World Vegan Month calls for cooking up quite the storm. (Actually so does any month, but we always welcome another excuse to add a healthy tool to our kitchen.) Any major foodie will be thrilled to get their hands on this workhorse of a pan that was made to replace eight-piece cookware set with one multifunctional item. Equipped with a removable steamer basket, a pour spout, and a nesting spatula, this pan is also super easy to clean and even burned oils wipe away with one stroke of a sponge. We love that this pan is free of PFAS and Teflon, earning its place in our kitchens as one of the best non-toxic and environmentally friendly pans on the market. Seriously, the MVP of any foodie's pan lineup.

Price: $145

Link: Available on Our Place's website.

By Perri O. Blumberg

14. Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Vegan Baking Bundle

Let them eat cake. And cookies. And pancakes. And waffles. Meet Blue Stripes, a trending, new direct-to-consumer wellness brand created by Oded Brenner (of Max Brenner fame). This vegan baking bundle offers better-for-you chocolate that uses the whole cacao fruit and lets you choose from a giant lineup of creations ranging from healthy snacks to energy beverages. Your choices for gifts (or for yourself) include Cacao Shell Flour Pastry Mix, Cacao Shell Flour Bread Mix, 100% Cacao Chocolate Chips, Dried Cacao Fruit, Raw Cacao Nibs, and 100% Cacao Hazelnut Butter. Any and all of them are sure to take your baking game to delectable new heights.

Price: $90

Link: Available on Blue Stripes's website.

By Perri O. Blumberg

15. Forks Over Knives, the Magazine

If you have not ever watched Forks Over Knives, on Netflix, you need to. This is coming from a place of love. Once you have told everyone else on your list, or in your life, to watch it too (since it is a life-altering documentary about the health benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet) you can go one step further and buy them a subscription to the Forks Over Knives magazine, which is a quarterly ode to cooking scrumptious, healthy meals and eating in a way that is sure to leave you feeling energized, satisfied and yes, virtuous since you're skipping all the animal fat and unhealthy ingredients that make most meals taste good. Instead, you will learn how to make amazing dishes with vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes–all fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Cooking this way is the ultimate gift since it shows your loved ones that you want them to stick around for a while. Giving them a beautifully produced quarterly magazine full of ideas of how to do it is a gift that says: I really, really love you and want us to share good food and good times, for years to come.

Price: $9.99

Link: Available on the Forks Over Knives website.

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