The best gift you can give this year is the gift of sustainability. Holiday shopping and gift giving can feel excessive, especially when you're trying to find something sustainable for the eco-minded person on your list, who hates all that extra packaging, and the fossil fuels used in shipping, and the inherent waste that comes from buying the wrong thing. Of course you can always give a donation to the Wilderness Society, which protects open spaces, and is advocating to stop drilling in the Arctic Refuge, but if you're yearning to hand over a package, read on.

This year, you can show the planet some love and signal to your eco-minded loved one (or if that's you, feel better about spending your money on meaningful gifts) with thoughtful presents from companies that are eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free and will leave the recipient feeling validated on their environmental journey. All of these recommendations are vegan-friendly, eco-conscious and made and shipped with the planet in mind. So go forth, and feel extra good about shopping from this list.

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1. Thousand Fell - Sneakers, men and women

For the kicks-obsessed person in your life, Thousand Fell will make their sneaker dreams come true. This eco-first vegan shoe brand makes sleek and simple sneakers—which come in slip-on and lace-up, for both men and women—that not only look slick but are made with sustainably sourced materials and even recyclable! Designed in NYC, and made in a family-owned factory in Brazil, Thousand Fell is on a mission to bring their fully recyclable sneakers to the masses.  The brand launched the white style last year, and this year for a very limited time, their limited-edition, black color, but they sold out fast so check back for new drops here lace-up recyclable sneakers reimagined.

Price: $120 and up

Link: Buy direct on

2. EcoRoots - KeepCup, reusable coffee cup

EcoRoots is a one-stop online store for eco-friendly and zero waste gifts to inspire a reduction of waste in your home and kitchen. You can bundle a number of items to make an eco-friendly gift set, or seek out individual items like the 16 oz KeepCup, a must for your coffee- or smoothie-loving pal—it’s made from glass and upcycled wine corks. And just in case you can’t decide what to get, EcoRoots also has gift cards. And in true eco-friendly fashion, EcoRoots’ products are all packaged and shipped without plastic.

Price: $34

Link: Shop at the EcoRoots store here.

3. FIG Cookbook, photo book and environmental wisdom

Fig + Farro, a nationally recognized vegan restaurant in Minneapolis, closed its doors permanently in May 2020 due to the impact of the global pandemic. During this time, owner Michelle Courtright was determined to continue her focus on the mission to fight climate change. She created a 200-page cookbook named after the restaurant, “Fig,” which is part cookbook, part climate journal, and part photographic book. For your plant-based foodie friend and environmental enthusiast, this is an unforgettable journey-in-a-book through a collection of easy vegan recipes, amalgamated with bits of environmental wisdom and inspiration, told through impactful essays, facts and stunning photos. It can be kept in the kitchen, or serve as a beautiful coffee-table book.

Price: $28

Link: Find on Amazon, or on the FIG website.

4. Seabags - Tote bag

Seabags makes totes and other bags from recycled sails, collected one at a time through a network of boaters who share Seabags love for the ocean. A tote bag is always a welcome gift, and easy to fit any size. A few standouts are the Copper Octopus Tote inspired by a Charles Darwin sketch, and the Shoreline Tie Dye Tote. A Seabags tote is well suited for any occasion, whether it’s a picnic out, a trip to the beach or just everyday use. Bags are made on the shores of Portland, Maine and all materials sourced regionally.

Price: $110 - $160

Link: Available on their website, and select storefront locations.

5. Youth to the People - Power of Three, skincare set

Eco-friendly gender-neutral skincare brand Youth to the People reverberates sustainability in everything it does and creates. From products contained in glass bottles and jars (to help reduce plastic waste created by the beauty industry), to using all vegan, cruelty-free and clean ingredients, its sustainability practices are just as good as its consciously-sourced, nutrient-dense superfood skincare blends. Gifting is made easy with Youth’s gift sets, like the Power of Three no-wrapping-needed gift kit which contains daily skincare essentials to hydrate and moisturizes. “Our actions now will affect our industry for years to come: Every step counts. Our goal: do better than yesterday, do better for tomorrow. We have one world to protect.” Well said Youth to the People, we can get behind that.

Price: $44

Link: Sold on the Youth to the People website.

6. Nomadix - The anywhere towel

Nomadix is the go anywhere, do anything towel made from certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (30 bottles = 1 towel). Whether you're gifting for someone into sports, camping, yoga, or beach-going, they will love their ultra stylish and eco-friendly Nomadix. With over 10 thoughtfully-designed prints to choose from, you’ll find a pattern suited for each person on your gift list. It feels good to leave your mark on the world, not your waste, right? Choosing post-consumer recycled products, recycled packaging, durable products that last is what Nomadix is all about. And you can be too.

Price: $27.99

Link: Find on

7. Final - Spork and reusable cutlery

For that person ditching single-use plastic—or needs some incentive to do so—meet Final., a company that makes quite simply the coolest reusable forks, sporks and straws you’ve ever seen. Focusing on high quality and recycled materials for both the products and their cases, these puppies are sure to help anyone in their plastic-reduction journey. Now is the time for all of us to stop forking around with plastic cutlery. You can choose from forks, straws and more, but our top pick is the FinalSpork, extremely durable and comes in a host of fun colors. ⁣

Price: $29.95

Link: Purchase on their website, here.

8. Net Zero Company - Compost Bin

This is the ultimate must-have for all eco-friendly gardeners and composters alike. Net Zero Company’s compost bin with lid is functional, and made with an internal filter which absorbs even the strongest odors. You can load up the bin with coffee grounds, banana peels and more. Even the stinkiest of culprits are no match for its airtight seal and impressive odor masking capabilities. NetZero's message is everything returns to the earth as either food or poison. This makes sure that your waste helps grow food. No matter if you're gifting a composting pro, or someone just getting started, this is the composite bin they need.

Price: $54.99

Link: Find on the Net Zero Co. website.

9. Sea Witch Botanicals - candle, incense and lip balm

For your earthy earth-loving friend or family, Sea Witch Botanicals has a host of self-care goodies all inspired by the love of the planet. You’ll want to check out their candles that use essential oil, rather than synthetic fragrances. Poured in a high-quality weighted glass with a wide wood wick, there are eight sent options to choose from. Bundle along with an incense pack or lip care. The world can thank this family of Sea Witches for making certified vegan home and body products that are good for the body, soul, and environment. Items are also shipped in recyclable packaging.

Price: $27

Link: Shop on their website, here.

10. Indosole - ESSNTL Slides for men and women

Indosole was built on the goal of becoming the most responsible eco-friendly footwear company in the world. So far, it’s doing pretty good. Indosole prevents car tyres from being sent to landfill and burnt, by intercepting the materials and recycling them into the rubber soles of shoes, making some seriously durable footwear. Check out the slides, great everyday footwear for both around the house and for going out and about.

Price: $55 and up

Link: Find on their website, here.

11. Coalatree - Evolution Jogger & Hoodie bundle

This brand went all-in on eco-conscious apparel making its gear from recycled materials. Last year, Coalatree released their most innovative sweatshirt yet, the Evolution Hoodie (with styles for both men and women) featuring fabric made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles. The Evolution Hoodie has over 20 features for everyday wear like the zippered kangaroo pocket keeps your items safe and secure, a place to stash your phone where it won't fall out and break and more. You can also pick up a matching Evolution Jogger sweatpant in an easy-to-buy jogger and hoodie bundle. For the everyday adventurer on your list and is one to appreciate thoughtfully made and eco-conscious comfy threads, Coaltree should be your go-to for their gift.

Link: Purchase the hoodie and jogger matching set on their website, here.

Price: $138

12. Tesla - Model 3

Okay, we cheated here a little bit since a Tesla might be more of a gift to yourself this holiday season.  But an electric vehicle (EV)—no matter if it’s for you, your family, or a very special person in your life—is also a major gift to the planet. Shifting to an electric vehicle helps reduce your carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner environment. The Tesla Model 3 gets high marks across the board, and all Tesla interiors are vegan (free of leather and any other animal-based products for materials). Plus, a Tesla might be slightly more affordable than you realize when you consider the tax credits and savings on gas and maintenance. Currently, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) provides savings directly to purchasers and lessees of EVs; you can earn up to $7500 in rebates. While this is a super extravagant gift and may not be a realistic purchase during these tough economic times, we still love to dream!

Price: $35,000 and up

Link: Find a showroom, or connect and order online at


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