It seems like every big retailer, whether it be Trader Joe's or Walmart, is trying to get in on the popularity of plant-based patties. While some grocers are clamoring to stock Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods burgers in their frozen aisles, others like Target have decided to create in-house alternatives in hopes of becoming a customer go-to. In October, Target will be launching its very own plant-based burger under the flagship brand Good & Gather. This comes as over 600 new SKUs are added to the Good & Gather line this fall, with many of them plant-based, such as a Meatless Crumble and a vegan Falafel with tzatziki Sauce.

The new burger alternative, called Plant-Based Meatless Beef-Style Patties, is loaded with 16 grams of pea protein per serving and comes in 12 ounce frozen patties. This product is set to be available in Target's frozen aisles as well as online this October.

“Food plays such an important role in our guests’ lives, and now, as guests are eating and cooking at home—and appreciating good value—more than ever, Good & Gather’s delicious, high-quality assortment and affordable price continues to set Target apart, while helping our guests discover the joy of food every day. And they’re going to love what we’re serving up this fall," said Stephanie Lundquist, executive vice president of Food & Beverage at Target.

Look out for Target's Good & Gather Plant-Based Meatless Beef-Style Patties arriving at stores and online at in October. 

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