"Are you sure this burger is vegan?" This is the common reaction after someone takes a bite of an Impossible Foods patty. The meatless meat tastes so much like real animal protein that sometimes it's hard to believe that it's isn't. The reason why it's easy to fool someone is that Impossible Foods engineered a plant-based version of heme, which gives it the burgers the fatty and bloody flavors that you taste (and the reddish pigment you see) after cutting a real burger in the middle. Impossible meat is perfect for anyone who has a hard time giving up animal protein or anyone who loves a good traditional burger with plant-based cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and ketchup. Now you can buy this tasty product from two retail giants: Walmart and Trader Joe's.

Impossible Foods is Now Sold Nationwide at 2,100 Walmart Locations

Impossible Foods announced yesterday that they launched the meatless meat at more than 2,100 Walmart locations nationwide. These plant-based patties will be sold in 12-ounce packages for $7.49, the perfect way to make a crowd-pleasing burger on the grill. Ironically, you will find Impossible Foods in the meat department so don't run to the tofu or organic sections.

With hopes to fulfill their sustainable mission, Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown explained why it is such a big deal to ink a deal with the giant retailer, saying, “More Americans buy meat for their families at Walmart than anywhere else. We’re confident that once Walmart customers try Impossible, they’ll become enthusiastic advocates of our products and our mission.”

Impossible Foods is Now Sold at Trader Joe's Retail Locations

Earlier this week, Trader Joe's also announced Impossible Foods burgers as a new addition to the freezer section. Impossible Foods burgers are now sold at more than 8,000 retail locations, a nearly fifty-times growth in their distribution channels from just six months ago. Trader Joe's sells mostly proprietary house label products, so Impossible's new share of their freezer section is a particularly big deal.

In a press release, Impossible Foods' president Dennis Woodside, said: "We're particularly excited about the launch of Impossible at Trader Joe's, a beloved institution with die-hard fans and a company known particularly for its great meat, cheese, and wine selection."

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