OmniFoods paved the road for plant-based pork products, initially releasing its OmniPork products across Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian companies. After years of anticipation, the meatless pioneer debuted its vegan pork products at select restaurants in the United States. The company just announced that following its commercial success within the US that it partnered with 19 additional restaurant and foodservice establishments.

The plant-based brand – responsible for OmniPork Ground, OmniPork Luncheon, and OmniPork Strips – revealed that its products would be featured at restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia, and San Diego to accompany its inaugural launch in restaurants in Hawaii and California. The company’s foodservice partnerships aim to highlight the versatility and taste of the pork alternative, providing customers a wide selection of cuisines that incorporate OmniPork products.

Beyond its restaurant partnerships, the company will also begin distribution to Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide. The retail expansion will reach the growing level of consumers' interest in plant-based pork.

“After our successful expansion in the US over the last few months, we are continuing to work with fantastic restaurant partners and creative chefs in key culinary destinations who appreciate the impact food can have on our world,” Founder of OmniFood David Yeung said. “We are incredibly excited to bring OmniPork to more people and communities as well as fulfill our mission to construct a multi-faceted global ecosystem of future food.”

OmniFoods boasts that its OmniPork products feature a tender, juicy texture that almost precisely replicates its animal-based counterparts, making it nearly indiscernible when cooked into a variety of signature dishes. The company claims that its pork alternative can be easily seasoned, fried, steamed, crumbled, and more, to bring plant-based options to several cuisines. The plant-based pork uses a proprietary plant-based protein blend from shiitake mushrooms, peas, rice, and soy.

OmniFoods’ pork alternative enters a relatively untapped plant-based pork market at a time when the alternative protein is growing at an accelerated rate. A recent report from Meticulous Research found that the alternative protein market is projected to reach $27 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 11 percent. The report highlights how concerns regarding sustainability and health have driven the plant-based protein market over recent years, carving out a substantial consumer base for vegan alternatives.

The plant-based brand continues to push its product to reach more markets worldwide, recently reaching over 20 countries. Coinciding the sharp rise of plant-based interest, OmniFoods reported a 120 percent increase in retail sales between 2019 and 2020. The increased interest is helping the company bolster its distribution efforts in both food service and retail.

The brand’s parent company Green Monday Holdings – founded in 2012 – currently holds partnerships with schools, restaurants, non-profit organizations, corporations, and more in more than 30 countries. From fast food to upscale dining, OmniPork is setting an example for plant-based protein. Here is the list of new restaurants that will feature the plant-based pork.

New York City

Noreetuh: This East Village staple features Japanese-, Korean-, and Filipino-inspired dishes sourced directly from Chef Chung Chow’s personal experience growing up in Hawaii. The chef developed two new plant-based items including an OmniPork Luncheon Musubi and OmniPork Strips Chow Noodles.

May Kaidee: This vegan Thai restaurant will serve two new dishes including Steamed OmniPork Ground Dumplings and Drunken Noodles with OmniPork Ground.

Tokyo Record Bar: The exclusive, 12-seat izakaya establishment provides a specialized prix fixe menu surrounded by an atmosphere defined by its vinyl playlist. The restaurant will offer various OmniPork dishes based on its rotating prix fixe dishes, showcasing the product’s true versatility.

Plantega: The plant-powered bodega will introduce its Pulled OmniPork Strips BBQ Sandwich for the month of November. Plantega often showcases innovative plant-based brands and products in its revolving bodega, deli menu.

Benji and Jakes: The restaurant located right outside of New York City will introduce two new menu items including the OmniPork Ground Dumplings and OmniPork Musubi. The brother-owned establishment overlooks Kauneonga Lake, providing several experimental dishes using a diverse selection of fresh foods.

Las Vegas

Mott 32: The restaurant – located inside of The Venetian – prepares an exciting array of Chinese dishes in rustic, traditional fashion. The fine dining establishment will feature a Shanghainese Soup Dumpling dish with OmniPork Ground and Tofu as well as Sauteed Shredded OmniPork Strips with Wood Ear Fungus, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, and Chinese Chives prepared in a Chili Bean Sauce.

Saffron: The vegan and vegetarian restaurant will prepare a variety of plant-based dishes that incorporate OmniFoods’ pork alternative. The elevated dining establishment is dedicated to providing customers with a nutritionally satisfying meal with simple, pure ingredients.

Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery: Beginning in December, the vegan cooking school will begin offering the OmniPork products in a Vegan Egg and Sweet Potato Hash and a Vegan Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich.


Buddha Belly: As a part of Denver’s first Asian Virtual Food Hall, Buddha Belly stands as one of the city’s signature restaurants. The establishment will offer four new dishes including the Lemongrass OmniPork Strips and OmniPork Ground Egg Roll Rice Bowl, OmniPork Ground Chili Wonton, OmniPork Ground Egg Roll, and OmniPork Ground Dumplings.


Tattooed Mom: The vegan restaurant and bar is a Philadelphia staple that opened nearly 25 years ago. The vegan pioneer features two new items including The Jersey Devil BreakfastWrap with OmniPork Luncheon plus homemade Vegan Egg Scramble, Breakfast Potatoes and Violife Cheddar and the Tutu Mary's Vegan Musubi with OmniPork Luncheon plus Rice wrapped in Nori.

San Francisco

Al Pastor Papi: The authentic Mexican eatery will bring plant-based pork to traditional Mexican street food. The establishment will feature brand new Al Pastor Tacos with OmniPork Strips.

San Diego

Cultivated Greens: The multi-cuisine eatery will feature the OmniFoods pork alternatives through a variety of culinary perspectives. The San Diego-based restaurant will feature four brand new innovative dishes including Shanghai Lumpia with OmniPork Ground, Spam Musubi with OmniPork Luncheon, Pork Veggie Bowl with OmniPork Ground, and Birria Tacos with OmniPork Strips.

Stone Monkey: The vegan Chinese restaurant serves renowned vegan takes on traditional Chinese dishes, making the inclusion of the OmniPork products essential to its new menu. With six new dishes, the restaurant will begin offering. OmniPork Luncheon Shanghai Schnitzel, OmniPork Ground Dan Dan Noodles, Celery Seasoned Dried Tofu with Shredded OmniPork Strips, OmniPork Ground Lion’s Head Meatballs, Yuxiang Shredded OmniPork Strips, and OmniPork Ground Shao Ma

Nomad Eats: The vegan food pop-up will begin using the OmniPork products in a variety of inventive dishes that would excite any diner. The Teri Burger with OmniPork Ground and Korean BBQ Nacho with OmniPork Strips will soon be available at pop-up locations in festivals, events, markets, and other gatherings.

Los Angeles

Devi’s Donuts: The family-owned confectionary business is bringing Long Beach an inventive dessert using the plant-based pork product. The donut shop will roll out the OmniPork Strips Bacon Donut to accompany its already extensive vegan donut selection.

Au Lac: The plant-based Vietnamese-inspired restaurant will start featuring Dumplings filled with the OmniPork Gound in December.

Mac ‘N Cheese Rebel: The macaroni and cheese-centric establishment will begin preparing its signature dish with vegan pork. The Fennel OmniPork Ground Vegan Sausage on Mac ‘N Cheese will be an affordable lunch option for consumers in Los Angeles.

The Plant Lab: The vegan Japanese restaurant prides itself on its clean and organic ingredients, serving Japanese staples with fully vegan ingredients. The restaurant will introduce an OmniPork Ground Soboro Over Rice this month.

Kindness and Mischief Coffee Roasters: This iconic LA coffee shop announced that it would start offering an OmniPork Strips Tocino Sandwich for its breakfast patrons, presenting a vegan morning sandwich to rival its national competitors.

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