Following years of anticipation, OmniFoods is debuting its signature plant-based pork in the United States. Until recently, OmniPork could only be purchased in a select number of Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and China, but now American consumers will finally get the chance to try the vegan pork alternative. The American debut follows the companies successful introduction in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2021.

The plant-based protein will be available at 25 US restaurants this summer ranging from the Midwest to West Coast. OmniFoods originally announced that 10 food and beverage establishments would begin featuring the company’s vegan pork, but the food tech company revealed that 15 additional locations will feature the long-awaited product.

“After our successful expansion throughout Asia and initial launch here this Spring, we are continuing to work with fantastic restaurant partners and creative chefs who appreciate the impact food can have on our world,” OmniFoods CEO and founder David Yeung said.

OmniPork’s commercial success can be attributed to the companies development of a plant-based protein that mirrors conventional pork products. The Hong Kong-based food technology company uses a blend of peas, GMO-free soy, rice, and shiitake mushrooms to create it protein-rich meat substitute. Its vegan pork also contains comparably less saturated fat and calories than conventional animal-based pork products. The company claims that OmniPork can also be seasoned and cooked easily in any style, ranging from pan or deep-fried to stuffed and steamed.

Currently, the highest concentration of establishments serving OmniPork can be found in California. The most recent additions to the California lineup include Malibu’s Burgers in Oakland, Nice Guys and Kensho Sushi in Orange County, and Brothecary and Mirame in Los Angeles. Beyond brick-and-mortar restaurants, the pop-up vendor Southern Fried Vegan plans to travel with the OmniPork from Southern California to the midwest, bringing people nationwide the new, exciting plant-based product.

Each restaurant partnering with OmniFoods will have complete authority to design menus around the OmniPork product. The chefs nationwide will create specialized dishes that will incorporate innovative plant-based protein. Michelin-star chef and owner of Mirame and Kensho’s legendary chef Don Phan have both curated a wide selection of dishes that use OmniPork, displaying its full potential in the kitchen.

Gil will feature an OmniPork and Cascabel Tamal Pipian tamales with tomatillos and chili as well as a tempura squash blossom dish served with OmniPork. Phan’s dishes include an OmniPork tantanmen, cooking the pork substitute in a traditional Sichuan noodle broth, and a vegan Spam-based sushi-style musubi. The two chefs will display the new, plant-based pork to their customers in order to highlight the potential of OmniFoods’ innovative product.

OmniFoods initially entered the US Market in April in celebration of Earth Day. The product was first launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu in three styles: Ground, Spam, and Strips. Now, participating restaurants have expanded to include Casa Borinquena, Lucky Pig, Genghis Cohen, Beleaf Burger, Tane Vegan Izakaya, Shiken, Srey Vegan, Ramen Hood, and GOEN Dining + Bar.

“We have seen an incredible response to our product in Asia and the U.K., and we anticipate the same enthusiasm here in the U.S. as more Americans adopt a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle,” Yueng said in April. “Our product is for anyone looking for a more sustainable, healthier alternative to their favorite animal-based pork products.”

OmniPork’s UK debut coincides with its global advancement. The company has continued to push its product to reach more markets worldwide, recently reaching over 20 countries. As plant-based consumers grow, OmniFoods reported a 120 percent increase in retail sales between 2019 and 2020. The sharp increase in sales represents both the companies individual success, but a growing plant-based market worldwide. With the company seeing success worldwide, the United States will begin seeing OmniPork in higher volumes across restaurants and eventually retailers.

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