Strong, toned abs are known to be hard to build because your body recruits other muscles whenever it has the chance, which is why your back goes out or your hips get sore if you don't have a strong core. The opposite is also true: Creating washboard strong abs is a way to keep yourself from feeling aches and pains in your lower back or a strained hip. Fitness instructor Caroline Deisler has created a fast, effective ab workout to target those hard-to-get-at muscles that are below your belly button, or along your torso that will not only make you stronger but feel better in your clothes.

Do these ab-focused exercises every other day to help you achieve your goals faster. In this 5-minute core workout, you will feel the burn and have stronger, toned abs within a few weeks. Caroline focuses on toning different parts of your abdominal muscles with a variety of different kinds of crunches to keep your muscles working, and getting stronger.

Beyond the desire to have a six-pack or toned stomach, strong abs are extremely important for overall health and play a big role in protecting our entire body against injury. Since your core is the center of your body, it's in control of your hips, back, shoulders, and even your neck. A strong core helps to straighten your posture to prevent injuries in these sensitive areas. Your core also stabilizes your body and makes it easier for your hips to move, supporting proper balance. Oftentimes, people with a weak core tend to also have weak hips since the pelvis becomes overworked, which also leads to injury.

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Here Are Your 5 Workout Moves For Stronger Abs

First Move: Crunches with Arms Out Straight. Laying on your back, raise your arms straight into the air above your chest, then crunch your abs slowly upwards, focusing on good form. For this move, your arms will stay in the same position the entire time.

Second Move: Sit Ups with Lifted Legs. Laying on your back with your hands behind your head in a sit-up position, curl your abs one vertebra at a time towards your knees and your legs will lift off the mat as your knees and elbows come to meet. The challenge? See if you can touch your elbows to your thighs or knees for an increased range of motion. Support your head the entire time and perform these moves slowly to work each muscle harder.

Third Move: Crunches with Legs Lifted. Laying on your back, lift your legs straight up into the air so they're over your hips. Make sure your body is centered. You can cross your feet and put your hands under your butt for lower back support. Then, curl up from your core and reach your hands high to touch your feet.

Fourth Move: Side to Side Toe Touches. Laying on your back, plant your feet on the floor closer to your butt so your knees are bent. Slightly lift your chest upward and move side to side, touching your fingertips with your toes. Activate your core the entire time, holding a crunch position.

Fifth Move: Crunches with Pointed Fingers. In the same position as the fourth move, place your hands together and put your arms straight outwards in the space between your legs. From there, crunch upwards and repeat so your hands and arms will move closer to your feet every time.

For more quick, easy, and effective workouts like this, try another video by Caroline.

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