If you want to lose weight, combat anxiety, improve focus, get stronger and build endurance, daily exercise is the key. That's why we created "Move to The Beet." Sign up to get a workout video every morning, a protein-packed smoothie recipe, and a tip on how to stay motivated and reach your goals!

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If you want fast yet lasting fitness results, you've come to the right place. Here's why: Consistent daily exercise is the best way to get in shape for spring and we have created a free 25-day fitness program, called Move to The Beet. Sign up now and you'll get 25 days of quick (5 to 10 minute) workout videos, plus a healthy protein-packed smoothie recipe, and a daily motivating tip sent to you, every day! You'll get ab workouts, leg workouts, total-body workouts, HIIT sessions, and shoulder, back, and arm workouts, as well as live stream running and biking options.

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We have created this 25-day quickie workout plan with fast, effective tone-up moves, motivating expert tips, and a protein-packed smoothie of the day recipe, to help you get back on track and reach your fitness goals

Because consistency is the key to get stronger, lose weight and see lean muscles by the time beach season arrives, this program is exactly the right amount of time. Just 25 days of working out is long enough to create a healthy habit and a stronger body! You don't need to spend endless hours at the gym. In just minutes a day, you'll work every major muscle group and tone up fast!

Start your plant-based diet with these healthy protein-packed smoothies that deliver energizing anti-oxidants and clean ingredients to help you build muscle and lose fat fast.

To meet your expectations, first things first: You need to have fun working out. That's why we chose these fitness gurus because not only do they have quick and effective moves, but they are also fun to watch and know how to make moving your body and building strong muscle enjoyable.

Meet the Instructors for your 25 different workouts–one every day for free!

Caroline Desiler will keep it cheerful as she leads you through her tough workout moves, and she covers it all from abs to legs to total body toners. Berto Calkins, the founder of What's Good Berto, is equally motivating and positive with his original moves and uses everything you already have in your house to help you tone up with no special equipment. Then celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has created four custom workouts exclusively for The Beet. She brings her tough love style to toning you up and coaching you to work harder and get results fast. If you want more from Jillian, sign up for her amazing fitness app. It's like having your own personal trainer, but one you already know and love.

Then learn the secrets of a Victoria Secret model as Nina Agdal shares her personal tone-up moves in a fun, fast10-minute full-body workout. (Then if you're hooked, download her app which focuses on toning moves and even a guided run with her.) And for those of you who love cardio and endurance, you have to try out this super fun live stream (on Zoom) run or bike class with triathlon coach Robert Pennino, who will personally coach you as you cycle or run to his interval sets. Every day is a different workout and super challenging class, and the music and motivation combined will make you work harder than you thought you ever could.

The best part? You don't have to buy a gym membership or order any heavy equipment to be in your best shape this Spring. Just sign up here for 25 days of fitness, which we are calling: Move to The Beet (get it?)

There's no better feeling than taking care of your health and focusing on your wellbeing. When you feel your best, it spills over into every part of your life. You will want to keep going and stick with your routine since this kind of physical activity also brings you positivity in your everyday life.

Think of this as your 25 days count down to May when you will feel great, look amazing, and have the healthy strong body you are working towards and an even healthier mindset. Because working out is a great way to treat yourself right, along with a whole plant-based diet.

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