Harry Styles is in the midst of playing 15 shows between August 21 and September 21 at Madison Square Garden, drawing fans from all over the country to New York City for his concerts. This week, one fan threw a chicken nugget onto the stage for Styles, but when fans urged him to eat it, he exclaimed to the crowd of 20,000 fans: "I don't eat meat!"

The performer – who always keeps his cool on stage – picked up the chicken nugget and before tossing it away asked the crowd "Who threw the chicken nugget?" following this rhetorical question with "I don't eat chicken. Sorry, I don't eat meat!" and once more in Italian. Animal-rights activist Simone Reyes snagged a video of the moment and shared it on Instagram.

Once Harry Styles leaves his small one-month residency at Madison Square Garden, his Love on Tour will move to Austin, Chicago, and Inglewood before starting its international leg. Then, the star will travel to Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

Is Harry Styles Vegan?

Styles frequently hints at his meatless diet, but the beloved pop icon has yet to reveal how plant-based he eats. Once before, the talented performer told fans that he follows a meat-free diet at his Tiny Desk Concert. Before that, he told Vogue that he ate a pescetarian diet in 2020.

But fans know that Styles cares about several social and environmental causes. Last November, the star revealed his new vegan beauty line called PleasingThe cosmetic line features a full vegan and cruelty-free selection of nail polishes, serums, and more. Styles hoped that his beauty brand will promote a beauty gender-neutral fashion in a highly divisive market.

Celebrities Advocating for Sustainable Lifestyles

Harry Styles' meatless diet joins a growing list of pop icons opting out of traditional diets. Billie Eilish's plant-based, human rights-focused activism has changed how performers use their time in the spotlight for good causes. The vegan pop icon promotes sustainable fashion lines, works closely with her mother Maggie Baird's Support + Feed organization, and is currently hosting a sustainable, plant-based event to coincide with her Happier Than Ever TourEilish's vegan, sustainable activism was enough for her to earn PETA's Person of the Year Award last year.

This month, singer Phoebe Bridgers is partnering with Los Angeles-based eatery HomeState to debut a limited-time vegan taco to raise money for charity. The taco – named after Bridgers' dog Maxine – will be available through November 22 and $1.25 of all purchases will be donated to community-based nonprofit CASA/LA.

While Eilish, Bridgers, and Styles are among the younger generation of plant-based celebrities, plenty of actors, celebrities, musicians, and other pop culture icons have invested in a plant-based future. Many of them follow a plant-based diet including Natalie Portman, RZA, and Travis Barker.

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