Give back this weekend from the comfort of your home, by participating in Plant-Based Party for the Planet, an initiative to feed those in need that is taking place from July 24th to the 26th.

Gardein, Pela and ChowNow are teaming up with Plant-Based Party to raise money for organizations like Support + Feed and REVERBPlant-Based Party is bringing this initiative back after a successful run in May, raising $30,000 and donating 100,00 meals.

You don't have to order vegan takeout or even be vegan to participate in the party. You can either purchase a vegan meal from your favorite local restaurant or cook your own vegan meal at home. Make sure to take a picture, post it to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #PlantBasedParty.

"The Plant Based Party (for the Planet) is an event everyone, everywhere can attend A celebration of, and a way to support Plant-Based eating, because we know it is not only important for our health, but for the health of our planet and something we can all do to help address the climate crisis," says Maggie Baird.

Support + Feed was founded by Maggie Baird, the mother of Grammy Award singer, Billie Eilish, to provide plant-based meals to vulnerable communities. The organization donated plant-based meals to frontline workers, homeless shelters, and senior centers throughout the pandemic.

"Together, we’ll be raising money for Support + Feed, an incredible organization that delivers plant-based meals to vulnerable communities, and REVERB, an environmental nonprofit that empowers musicians and their fans to create a better future for people and the planet," according to a statement from Plant Based Party.

REVERB partners with venues, musicians and festivals to make concert events more eco-friendly while also raising awareness of environmental concerns.

Meatless meat company, Gardein, online food ordering platform ChowNow and sustainable and plastic-free product company Pela, will donate five dollars, (up to 40K) to Support + Feed and REVERB for every Instagram and Twitter hashtagged #PlantBasedParty.

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