As I continue to quarantine in New Jersey, I can’t help but miss my favorite go-to restaurants,  By Chloe and Beyond Sushi (as I assume many of you do as well). We worry about the impact this crisis is having on our favorite local restaurants. Luckily, some individuals have stepped up to help out not only small businesses but those healthcare workers on the frontline at the same time. One such initiative is Support + Feed.

What is Support + Feed?

Support + Feed has a dual focus on helping local vegan restaurants as well as those deeply affected in this crisis such as frontline workers, homeless shelters, and senior centers.

Created by singer Billie Eilish’s mom, Maggie Baird. Support + Feed allows customers to pay for one or more meals that they will prepare and deliver to those in need. The cost per meal is $10 for one meal, on average, although this price ranges depending on the restaurant and region.

Baird started Support + Feed to both help save the fate of her favorite vegan restaurants and to provide healthy food for those caring for stricken patients. Baird, who is vegan along with her famous daughter Billie Eilish, has partnered with the waste management group Conscious Cleanup, and vegan event coordinator Eat Drink Vegan as well as a few other companies to make this project possible. Eilish has been an outspoken activist for climate awareness and worked to create more environmentally friendly concert venues as well as raise money for Greenpeace and other organizations. Now we know where she gets her give-back spirit from.

Support + Feed started out in Los Angeles and was extremely successful there before it expanded to New York City. Crossroads, Pura Vita and By Chloe are just a few of the restaurants partnering with Support + Feed, along with Beyond Sushi and others.

How Can You Contribute to Support + Feed?

Support + Feed has made it easy to donate to their effort. All you have to do is go to the website and click on one of the restaurants they have partnered with. The link will bring you to the restaurant's page, where you can choose the amount you want to donate. For example, click on Pura Vita, the vegan wine bar, and you can donate any amount from one meal for $10 to 25 Meals for $250.

The meals are donated to first responders, food shelters, "housing and women shelters," as well as senior centers. Check out Support + Feed’s website for more information and a full list of donation centers.

Expanding to New York City in the Coming Days

After making her successful launch in L.A., Baird is bringing Support + Feed to NYC. The initiative is still pretty new to the city but as of right now, Beyond Sushi is one of the first restaurants to join the initiative. The upscale vegan Asian-fusion chain was in the news a few weeks ago after raising money and donating 42 meals to healthcare workers in Queens. By Chloe is another vegan chain joining forces with Support + Feed in New York City.

Hopefully, Baird's initiative continues to expand, and help out our favorite vegan spots and those healthcare workers most at risk by going to work daily to care for patients with COVID-19. You already cheer every night at 7 p.m., now there's a new way to show them you care.

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