Billie Eilish has one of the top-selling albums of 2019 (with When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?), her award-winning tracks like Bad Guy have garnered over 2.5 billion streams of her award-winning tracks, and at 18 she is fast becoming one of the most influential voices in the vegan-environmental movement.

Now she is using her fame and popularity to bring awareness to environmental causes by teaming up with the non-profit organization REVERB during her upcoming eco-friendly world tour. She is encouraging fans who attend her concerts to learn more about the impact their choices have on the environment, such as by bringing refillable water bottles to venues, where they will be able to fill up on water and not add more plastic into the world's landfills, oceans and supply chain. Plastic straws will not be permitted at her concerts, where a Billie Eilish Eco-Village will be stationed at every show, providing attendees information and resources on ways to help combat climate change and preserve the Earth.

Eilish earlier this year urged her millions of fans to go vegan. The impetus for her switch, according to her social post, was watching the horrific undercover videos of the Fair Oaks Farm animal abuse that had the world horrified and led to three people being charged with animal cruelty.

Eilish has just released a new YouTube video with actor Woody Harelson, where they ignite activism by showing Amazon fires, flooding, and polar bears endangered by climate change. "Our house is on fire," Eilish says, echoing the climate activist and youth organizer Greta Thunberg, and implores fans and followers to stop eating meat and dairy and limit their plastic use. Eilish also suggests they follow Greenpeace and FridaysForFuture on Instagram. For other ways to get involved or for more information, go to


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