Some dogs have all the luck. This one, a pound pup that has been "fostering" with Five-Time Grammy award-winning "Bad Guy" singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, just found his forever home.

We first met this pooch on Eilish's IG a few weeks ago, when she shared an image of the adorable grey mutt alongside the words: "As for this little nameless monkey… you are miiiiiiiiiiiine!!!"

She nabbed her new canine baby from Angel City Pitbulls in Los Angeles. Her post shows her holding her quarantine cuddler in what looks like the backyard of her parents' house where she and her brother Finn have been social distancing—and playing music for various televised specials. Eilish is a big advocate for adoption, saying the 'animals need it' and the implication is now, especially. The second puppy she was fostering was adopted by someone else, she indicated.

Ten million people liked her post, and by all indications, her advocacy is working since shelters from Palm Beach to New York City are "running out of dogs" to foster.


If you want to adopt a pound puppy of your own check out the local shelter or check out

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