The days of reminiscing about your mom's chicken noodle soup are over. Gardein is launching a line of plant-based meat soups this summer and yes, it includes a vegan chick'n noodle!

Gardein is set to launch plant-based soups with flavors like Saus'ge Gumbo Soup, Chick'n Noodl' Soup, Chick'n & Rice Soup, Be'f & Vegetable Soup and Minestrone & Saus'ge Soup. The plant-based meat makes these soups high in protein and the vegetables are a great source of fiber. Keep in mind Gardein soups can be high in sodium, just like many soups, so eat in moderation.

Gardein Launches Plant-Based Meat Soups

Gardein is known for its delicious meat alternatives like meatless meatballs, mandarin orange crispy chick'n and seven-grain crispy tenders, and can find a Gardein product for every single one of your cravings in the frozen aisle of your local grocery store.

Gardein has been turning out new products since Conagra bought the vegan brand in 2018 as an opportunity to meet the high demand for plant-based foods. According to a report, plant-based food sales grew 27% once the panic buying during the coronavirus crisis settled. This summer alone, Gardein is launching not only vegan soups but also cauliflower wings, breakfast bowls, skillet meals, Italian saus’age patties and ramen.

Gardein is the plant-based meat alternative brand that will get all your non-vegan relatives to switch to a more plant-based diet. If these soups are anything like Gardein's other products, we are in for a hearty treat.

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