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The Top 15 Places to Eat Vegan in Philadelphia
Whether you’re in Philadelphia to take in the history, cheer on the Eagles or check out the vibrant local art scene, you can’t go wrong with vegan food when it comes to this East Coast city. From upscale plant-based bars to comfort food-focused diners, you’re sure to find the me…
The 12 Best Places to Eat Vegan in Manhattan
It's no secret that Manhattan is a vegan paradise: walking by a newly opened vegan restaurant in the city is hardly a rare occurrence, from high-end cuisine to your casual post-workout hangout, NYC does not disappoint. Here we break down the top 12 Vegan spots in New York City.
The 10 Best Places to Eat Vegan in Los Angeles
LA is a vegan's paradise, from diner fare to Mexican classics, to date-night special occasions, this is the town that offers a choice for every part of the vegan or vegetarian's life. And bring your non-veg loving friends, since they will be amazed at how delicious it all is.