Anyone who has been vegan for over a decade and travels often has probably solidified several go-to restaurants that serve delicious plant-based food in every city they visit. The same holds true for The Beet's Creative Advisor and longtime vegan Jermaine Dupri, who is sharing with us his favorite spots for vegan fare in Miami, Florida. The vacation destination is home to some of the best beaches in the country and has no shortage of fresh offerings featuring delicious produce to get you in the mood to celebrate, whether you're there for relaxation or just a quick stopover.

1. PLANTA South Beach, 850 Commerce St 

Plant(a) Yourself: PLANTA is an upscale, sophisticated destination that is the perfect place to take someone you're trying to impress, whether it be for a date or a business lunch. You may think of vegan restaurants as casual juice bar-type spots, but Planta is reinventing vegan dining in an upscale way, located right on the beach with gorgeous ocean views.

Don't Miss: Everything at PLANTA is 100 percent plant-based, hence the name, although you would never know by the robust, inventive menu and the vibrant plates leaving the kitchen. Jermaine loves the lasagna, which is made with thinly sliced eggplant, zucchini, and a cashew-based mozzarella. PLANTA has found creative ways to mimic seafood, like its watermelon ahi tuna or beet and avocado tartare.

Order for a Crowd: The cauliflower tater tots, and a helping of fresh vegetable sushi for everyone to sample.

2. Thatch Miami, 3255 NE 1st Ave

Plant Yourself: Thatch Miami blends the concept of a sustainable restaurant and market with a mod, beautifully-designed interior, for a picture-worthy brunch spot that will wow your taste buds and delights your eyes.

Order for a Crowd: It's worth trying a little bit of everything at Thatch, so come with friends and order several dishes for the table.

Don't Miss: Some fan favorites include the nachos, mac 'n cheese, and the array of personal pizzas, but if you're coming for brunch be sure to indulge in the Thatch Muffin, which is a toasted English muffin topped with JUST Egg, tomato, plant-based sausage, herbed cashew cream, dairy-free cheddar, and pickled jalepeños.

3. Soul Tavern, 1801 West Ave

Take Note: Soul Tavern is temporarily closed, but its website says that it is currently in the midst of a rejuvenation and will return for its next chapter. Here are our favorite dishes to order so you're prepared when the spot reopens.

Don't Miss: The Bahn Mi Sliders, which feature pulled tempeh and pickled slaw, or the Homemade Gnocchi, with cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil, chilies, shishito peppers, and macadamia nut crema.

Order for a Crowd: Soul Tavern's Small Shareables Menu was made for a crowd: Try the jackfruit gyoza, the crabless hearts of palm cakes, and the crispy yuca for starters that everyone will love. Or, split a pizza with the table. We love the umami flavor of the Miso and Caramelized Onion 'za.

4. Carrot Express, Multiple Locations

Plant Yourself: At the high quality, fast-casual chain, which offers fresh, quick meals that pack in loads of fresh produce and flavor. While the spot is not 100 percent vegan, Carrot Express's three locations have loads of plant-forward options, and will gladly let you customize your meal to be totally plant-based.

Don't Miss: Mario's Favorite Bowl. Although it features chicken, Jermaine replaces the animal protein with vegan sausage, for a delicious, filling meal that the music producer raves about, teasing, “I will fly to Miami right now to get that bowl!” It packs everything you want in a meal, like scallions, kale, hearty brown rice, and ample protein. 

Order for a Crowd: Pick up a few of Carrot Express's cold-pressed juices when you stop there and fill the fridge back home to have healthy drinks loaded with nutrients on hand for the whole family.

5. L’Artisane Creative Bakery by Carolina Molea, 7423 Collins Ave

Plant Yourself: When you're looking for a sweet treat in Miami sans dairy, L'Artisane Creative Bakery is the place to be. The award-winning bakery has found a way to veganize everything, down to its incredible, runny vegan egg yolk, served on a breakfast sandwich.

Don't Miss: Swing by L'Artisane when you're craving a plant-based breakfast sandwich. The spot offers indulgent breakfast sandwiches like the Bocaíto that features guindilla aioli, avocado, tomatoes, and spinach on a flaky, buttery, I-can't-believe-there's-no-butter croissant.

Order for a Crowd: Before you leave, be sure to order out a box of the bakery's pastries for your family. The croissants, cinnamon rolls, macrons, and tarts rival those of the highest quality French chefs, and whoever is lucky enough to be treated to these delights won't even be able to tell they're totally vegan.

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