If you're someone who laments the fact that Subway's menu is lacking plant-based sandwiches, here's some good news: A new sub shop is stepping in to provide vegan deli options to customers around the country. Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli is planning a national expansion that will bring specialized vegan subs to Americans nationwide. The brand has recently launched ghost kitchens in Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, and Raleigh, with plenty more in the works, aiming for nationwide expansion.

Unreal Deli Sandwiches just partnered with the ghost kitchen managing firm Acelerate to open as many ghost kitchen concepts as possible this year. The ghost kitchen will operate as a pick-up and delivery-only restaurant without any dine-in space, allowing the brand to reach as many customers as possible due to low start-up costs and maintenance expenses.

"I am extremely excited – it's about time!” Unreal Deli owner Jenny Goldfarb said. “These subs are outrageously delicious; one would never know they're all made of plants. Thanks to our extraordinary partners for bringing it all to life."

The Unreal Deli menu features an impressive selection of fully plant-based versions of beloved sandwiches including cheesesteaks and Reubens. To elevate its menu further, the company announced a partnership with the popular vegan condiment provider Only Plant Based!, which will provide specialty dressings, mayo, and sour cream for select sandwiches. The company's subs will be topped with Violife’s vegan cheeses.

"It's an ideal partnership and an example of how the plant-based experience can be enhanced through a collaborative business model," Only Plant Based! Consulting Chef George Vutetakis said. "This venture brings together companies who have specific expertise and passion for their products in order to create the best possible menu, taste, and access for the customer."

Plant-based eaters are starting to be able to taste Unreal Deli's innovative sandwiches as the ghost kitchen concepts spread across the country. Customers in select cities can order through DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, Seamless, and Postmates for either delivery or pickup.

Unreal Deli Available In Deli Cases Nationwide

Founded by Goldfarb in 2019, Unreal Deli secured an investment from Mark Cuban when the company appeared on an episode of Shark Tank. Receiving a $250,000 investment, the brand expanded its deli meat portfolio and spread into the national retail space, producing a wide selection of vegan deli staples such as plant-based turkey, steak, and corned beef slices. Shoppers can find these deli slices at select supermarkets nationwide, including Publix and Whole Foods Market locations.

During this year’s Natural Products Expo West, the brand unveiled a brand new line of deli meats intended to provide sandwich shops and deli counters with a tasty plant-based alternative. The specialty vegan meats have been developed to taste and cut just like their animal-based counterparts.

Rise of Vegan Ghost Kitchens

From grocery shopping to ready-made meals, people now rely on delivery services more than ever. Without the need for customer seating, ghost kitchens have entered the mainstream by providing people with easy access to all their favorite foods, and over the last year, interest in vegan delivery has grown exponentially. Google’s “Year in Search” report found that people searched for Vegan Food Near Me 5,000 percent more in 2021 than in 2020.

Other ghost kitchens include Impossible Foods’ Impossible Shop and Skinny Butcher's Crazy Crispy Chick’n. The plant-based companies’ new delivery-based kitchens have allowed more people to have direct access to vegan fast food, a market that is projected to reach $40.25 billion by 2028. The new vegan ghost kitchens will play a key role in accelerating the accessibility of plant-based fast food.

The 6 Best Fast Food Chains With Plant-Based Options on the Menu

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