As restaurants worldwide embellish their menus with plant-based alternatives, vegan giant Impossible Foods has taken matters into its own hands to give customers more meatless options. The plant-based protein company announced recently opened its first plant-based restaurant concepts across the United States, aiming to provide consumers everywhere with the brand’s signature vegan meat products. The Impossible Shop will operate as a “ghost kitchen” in partnership with restaurant chain Dog Haus.

The Impossible Shop will showcase the company’s iconic vegan meat products at Daug Haus locations across the United States. Currently, the company operates 39 ghost kitchens in Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, California, New York, and Maryland. The Impossible Shop is currently a deliver-only business, which will provide customers with several plant-based options right to their doorsteps. Customers can order from multiple online delivery platforms including Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Impossible’s partnership with Dog Haus follows a long-standing history between the two businesses: Dog Haus first teamed up with Impossible when it became one of the first restaurant groups to permanently add the plant-based burger to its permanent menu. Now, the restaurant chain is helping make the virtual restaurant possible for the Impossible team.

With fast food rapidly adopting plant-based alternatives, the vegan protein pioneer plans to capitalize on the rapidly rising market. A report from Verified Market Research found that the global vegan fast foods market was valued at $17 billion in 2020, and projects that it will reach $40 billion by 2028. The accelerated growth will be fueled by plant-based protein giants like Impossible and its market rival Beyond Meat.

The ghost kitchen will serve some of the company’s most popular products, prepared to illustrate the potential of plant-based proteins. The Impossible Shop will also help highlight the company’s newest products to a nationwide audience. The online restaurant aims to encourage plant-curious consumers to try innovative vegan protein alternatives. The plant-based menu will include:

  • The Shop Burger: The signature Impossible Burger patty is topped with tomato, dill pickle chips, shredded lettuce, and the new Shop sauce.
  • The Double Sop Burger: The double-decker burger featured two Impossible patties complete with lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, and Shop sauce.
  • The Impossible Pat-B Melt: The quarter-pounder Impossible Burger is served with cola-carmelized onions, a new plant-based cheese sauce, and dill pickle. The vegan patty melt comes served on sourdough bread with a side of Shop sauce.
  • The Chili Cheese Shop Burger: The chili cheeseburger comes with plant-based cheese and vegan chili served on a Brioche bun. The burger can also come in a Double Down variation.
  • Sticky Sesame Impossible Nugget w/ Fries: Impossible showcases its new plant-based chicken nuggets covered in a sticky sesame sauce served on a bed of fries.
  • Impossible Breakfast Sausage Burrito: The breakfast item features a warm tortilla filled with Impossible Sausage, plant-based egg, crispy tater tots, avocado, vegan cheese, chipotle crema, and fresh tomatoes.
  • The Shop Chili Cheese Fries: A bed of fries covered in the chipotle crema, plant-based cheese, and vegan chili filled with Impossible Sausage crumbles.

Impossible's latest $500 million funding round brought the plant-based company’s total investment valuation near $2 billion, reaching a significant milestone for the plant-based protein market. The company intends to expand its product distribution, development, and partnership with the investment capital. Through the Impossible Shop and its partnerships with Burger King, Fatburger, and other restaurants, Impossible has successfully established itself in the foodservice industry.

Now, the company is working to expand its already extensive product line to include other forms of protein. The company currently offers Impossible Burgers, the Impossible Sausage, Impossible Pork, Impossible Nuggets, and its newest Impossible Meatballs. The company expects to one day offer plant-based proteins for all protein market sectors, aiming to push development with the most recent funding capital.

“We’re fortunate to have great investors who believe in our long-term mission,” Impossible Foods’ Chief Financial Officer David Borecky said. “The latest round of funding allows us to further accelerate our product innovation and global expansion efforts as we continue to leverage the power of the food system to satisfy consumers and fight climate change.”

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