Following last year's ‘chicken wars’ which pitted fast-food chains against each other, the competition has now moved into the plant-based sector. Burger King just announced that it will become the first fast-food chain to feature Impossible Foods’ vegan chicken nuggets on its menu. The company plans to roll out the plant-based chicken nuggets on October 11 nationwide, beginning with select locations in Des Moines, Miami, and Boston.

Consumers will be able to order the plant-based nuggets in Burger King’s classic eight-piece order, accompanied by any selection of dipping sauces offered at the national burger chain. The trial period will determine the popularity of the plant-based nuggets to evaluate its potential national debut. Impossible Foods’ nuggets use soy and sunflower oil to replicate the taste and texture of conventional chicken nuggets.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve teamed up with Impossible to make waves in the industry. In 2019, we became the first quick-service restaurant to serve the award-winning, plant-based Impossible patty and offer the iconic Impossible Whopper,” Burger King North America’s Chief Marketing Officer Ellie Doty said in a statement. “So, it’s only fitting we’re the first global QSR to test the Impossible Nuggets. We’re excited to hear what our guests in the test markets think of this latest innovation.”

Burger King remains a frontrunner in the plant-based fast food market, first partnering with Impossible Foods in 2019 when it debuted the Impossible Whopper. The Impossible Whopper entered the market as one of the world’s first plant-based fast-food burgers. Following a successful trial, Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper to more than 7,000 locations in the United States. Now, the Impossible Whopper is featured on Burger King menus around the world including Trinidad and Tobago, Europe, and Canada.

Impossible Foods revealed its plant-based chicken alternative earlier this year, debuting at nearly 150 restaurants nationwide. The company announced that following years of development its plant-based chicken would meet consumer standards regarding flavor, texture, and appearance. The company simultaneously began distributing the Impossible Nuggets to more than 10,000 grocery stores including ShopRite, Safeway, Gelsons, Kroger, and Walmart.

Following years of anticipation, Impossible Meat finally debut its plant-based chicken to meet its competitors such as Beyond Meat. Impossible may have entered the plant-based chicken market late, but Impossible President Dennis Woodside explained that the company was “busy with other things” and that it had been “working on chicken for some time.” Restaurants where Impossible’s plant-based chicken can be found include chef David Chang’s Fuku in New York City, chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in New York City, and chef Sean Brock’s Joyland in Nashville.

Impossible Foods is currently working to introduce its products across the entire market in several food categories. Beyond plant-based chicken, the company debuted its Impossible Pork product in the United States last week. The company is developing several plant-based alternatives that will gradually make market appearances in the retail and foodservice sectors.

“Our mission is to completely replace the use of animals as a food technology by 2034,” Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown said during a Web Summit Seminar last year. “We’re dead serious about it and we believe it’s doable. I was confident that we would succeed when I launched this company, and now I’m completely confident. It’s game over for the incumbent [meat] industry - they just don’t realize it yet.”

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