When no lesser news outlet than The Chicago Tribune picks up a piece from the food blog The Daily Meal, and shares a guide to where to eat great vegan food in every state in the nation, we feel the need to say "kudos" for covering, and then we wanted to add it to The Beet, to make sure you didn't miss this list. (Vegan food is sometimes still hard to find.)

Of course, we love our own custom content, which are The Beet City Guides written and reviewed by our own contributing editors. We love our lists of where to eat vegan in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Philly, Brooklyn and the like, and we want you to check out our cool tool, Find Vegan Near Me, which is powered by Happy Cow. There you can put in any state and town you like and look for the best vegan food reviewed by the community in that area -- and it covers London, Paris and the other major cities of the world. It's like Yelp for the vegan world.

Still, this list is a fun one and worth checking against your favorite places. Take a look, then Head over to Find Vegan Near Me and The Beet City Guides, look at the next great place to eat vegan in your neck of the woods.

In order to compile a list of best vegan restaurants in every state, The Daily Meal consulted with the number crunchers at Yelp, who rounded up restaurants with a surplus of mentions of “vegan” and “plant-based” in their reviews, and then ranked them based on the number of five-star ratings. They also took cleanliness into account. (Jay Jay C./Yelp)

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