Chicago has one, as does LA, which has about two dozen. Northern California has six, and now Manhattan is getting its own Veggie Grill, meaning we can all now enjoy their fast-casual, cheap and cheerful, crowd-pleasing and totally delicious vegan or plant-based food, served the way you like it.

Sure they have salads and healthy bowls, but the real reason to head over the Veggie Grill is for the gooey, delicious, sinfully satisfying burger-and-fries kind of food that hits the spot on a day when you want something a little more filling than your typical salad bar fare.

They serve the Beyond Burger Cheesesteak Sandwich, plus dishes like the Keto-Friendly Cauliflower Rice, and any number of burritos, tacos, "chicken" sandwiches and filling "comfort" sides like bacon mac and cheese, all of it non-dairy, plant-based and made with substitutes for the real thing, like tempeh bacon.

New Yorkers pride themselves in only wanting the best, so they'll be happy to learn that this massively popular California-based chain has made a name for itself as the best vegan fast-casual food in the west. Try the fries, the pies and everything in between and see if you agree. The Veggie Grill is set to open soon at 12 West 23rd Street, perfect for refueling during your holiday shopping season!

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