Trader Joe’s Debuts New Vegan “Cheese-less” Cheesecake

|Updated Jul 28, 2020
Photo Credit: Noella Williams

Trader Joe's is doing everything in its power to make sure all plant-based eaters have the best meatless, dairy-free products to eat while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020 alone, the retailer has released two different plant-based patties, two new flavors of creamy almond yogurt, vegan mac n' cheese, caesar dressing and dairy-free oat milk ice cream. Now, they're looking to bring some after-dinner joy to customers with the launch of a new vegan treat, aptly named the Cheese-less "Cheesecake."

This dairy-free dessert comes in a pack of two 4.2 ounce mini "cheesecakes," retails for $3.99 and can be found in the frozen aisle. The filling is coconut and lima-bean-based with a graham cracker crust, and many of the first people to get their hands on it have said that the lima bean filling did a shockingly good job of recreating the creaminess we all love in traditional cheesecake without having too much of an overt lima bean taste.

Originally posted in the Facebook group Vegan Trader Joe's which boasts over 32,000 members dedicated to chronicling and reviewing new vegan TJ's products, user Noella Williams was the first to spot the cold treat. She said that she enjoyed hers topped with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips and that the classic treat was "exactly what I’m looking for in a plant-based cheesecake."

Look out for this new "cheese-less" dessert at your local Trader Joe's, and be sure to check out our guide to the best vegan TJ's products before you make your next trip.