Some days, salvation comes in the form of a sparkling sun and beachfront mojito on a far-flung island. These days, salvation is coming in the simple things—like the discovery of an old favorite book that had slipped from your consciousness in your childhood memory, a particularly good yoga streaming session, or the buzz of your Fitbit when you hit your daily steps goal.

Or, for the epicurean bunch among us (okay, all of us), in a spoonful of decadent, creamy vegan yogurt. Dearest plant-based and dairy-free friends, may we introduce you to your new favorite snack? As VegNews recently reported, Trader Joe’s has debuted two new almond milk-based yogurts, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the dairy-free treats.

Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Cultured Yogurt Alternative comes in two flavors, vanilla bean and mango, the former crafted with flecks of natural vanilla beans, and the latter offering chunks of the tropical stone fruit.

Per Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” announcement, the two new yogurt alternatives also have live probiotics, just as conventional yogurt products do, giving you a dose of gut-friendly bacteria with each bite. In addition to being vegan, both products are Kosher and come in single-serve 5.3-ounce containers. Available in the refrigerated department, each container costs $1.49 and the two products are each under 200 calories with 10-12 grams of added sugars. If you’re a TJ’s fan, rest assured these aren’t the only vegan yogurt products on offer—the company also has a collection of organic cashew milk-based yogurts, as well as coconut milk-based yogurts.

If you’re on a dairy-free yogurt kick, we tested 12 vegan yogurts to find out which ones to try or skip, and you can see our findings here.

Our favorite yogurt tip as of late? Add a few spoonfuls to your favorite smoothie for a thicker consistency and added sweetness. Speaking of which, skip the $10 shakes and make our tasty and budget-friendly Smoothie of the Day recipes at home.

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