Have you ever dreamed of a more vegan-friendly Chipotle? Tocaya Organica is the plant-forward fast-casual restaurant that you've been hoping for. Inspired by traditional Mexican dishes, Tocaya's menu is designed to be enjoyed by all eaters, serving “Modern Mexican” as you’ve never had it before. With 18 locations across California and Arizona, Tocaya Organica is expanding rapidly.

The founder of Tocaya Organica said it best, “It’s one of the only restaurant concepts where vegans and non-vegans eat side-by-side and still feel totally represented.” He’s not wrong – They achieve this goal by offering dishes that start off vegan, with the option to add protein and cheese. With a sustainable, organic, and locally sourced menu, Tocaya stands by its mission for better eating in hopes to leave a positive footprint in their community and throughout the world.

If you are in search of a sophisticated yet casual dining environment, Tocaya Organica is the place for you. The decor is super trendy but not overwhelming with a distinctive modern Mexican aesthetic that flows throughout the restaurant to the outdoor patio. After reading customer reviews, you will realize that everyone mentions the environment as a positive part of their dining experience.

The restaurant is set up for you to order at the front counter and seat yourself. You are given a number for the food to be brought to you. This set-up technically labels Tocaya Organica as “fast-casual” dining. With that being said, they are not like other fast-casual restaurants in that dishes are presented to you in real glassware and there is a waiter to serve you. These simple details really elevate the dining experience.

I would compare ordering from their menu to ordering from Chipotle or Sweetgreen, except there are more versatile options to choose from. They offer a three-step menu. You select your base (salad, taco, burrito, bowl, or quesadilla), add your protein and cheese, and then choose a side or a drink. All bases start off vegan with the option to swap in “chef recommended” non-vegan options. They offer 13 different proteins and six different kinds of cheese including vegan mozzarella and queso cotija. You can add in their vegan protein options such as Adobo Tofu and Cilantro Lime Vegan Chicken, but they also offer Carne Asada and Beef Chorizo. Ordering from the menu can be a bit overwhelming, but whatever you choose is guaranteed to be delicious.

In terms of price-point, some may say the dishes are on the more expensive side, but there is a lot to consider within the price. You are paying for high-quality, organic ingredients and for the gorgeous dining ambiance. For the price, the portion size is just right. You won't stuff yourself, but you'll be satisfied enough to not be hungry when you leave.

For two people, we ordered two margaritas, chips, vegan queso, the Taco Salad with Vegan Mozzarella, and the Grilled Pineapple Al Pastor Bowl with Cilantro Lime Vegan Chick’n and Vegan Mozzarella. In total, it came to around $50. Considering the amount of food we got and the gorgeous ambiance, we really could not complain.

Tocaya Organica is open daily for lunch and dinner. Typically, there is pretty heavy lunch traffic because it is the perfect destination for business meetings or just a quick lunch. On Tuesdays, Tocaya Organicas have great deals to accommodate “Taco Tuesday” including discounted margaritas.

Originating in Venice, California in 2016, Tocaya Organica is expanding rapidly and now has over 17 locations across California and Arizona. Once investors picked up on how popular the restaurant was, Tocaya Organica received a $20 million capital investment to continue expanding.

Overall, Tocaya Organica has nailed fast-casual dining. Its mission for better eating truly shines through the tasty dishes and innovative Mexican menu. Tocaya Organica is a safe bet for any type of eater, plant-based or not.

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