When Martha Steward puts her stamp of approval on something, people sit up and take notice. So it was with little fanfare but much joy that the owner of Goldenrod Pastries got the thumbs up from the Domestic Goddess herself. An inclusive gluten-free bakery in Lincoln, Nebraska, known for its gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan pastries, Goldenrod stands for the fact that no matter what dietary restrictions you may have, you can feel welcomed and appreciated, and still be able to enjoy your favorite treats.

Founded in 2015 by Angela Garbacz, Goldenrod Pastries is a female-run company that celebrates women supporting women. Garbacz has always loved baking and learned recipes from her mother and grandmother, studying Culinary and Food Sciences and Classic French Pastry Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Things changed when she found out she had a dairy intolerance of her own, which led to her experimenting at home, taking everything she learned about artisan baking and applying it to her own dairy-free recipes.

Then Martha Stewart's website actually featured Goldenrod Pastries in 2018 in a special feature to boost women owners, called "Empower through Flour" and Martha even promoted it, which meant that three years after opening, Goldenrod became an overnight success.

In 2013, Garbacz launched a blog to document her journey of inclusive baking. Overwhelmed by the support, she realized that more people than she expected were struggling with dietary restrictions. As her blog gained traction, she listened to her followers' requests and opened a brick-and-mortar shop. It was a big risk, but one that paid off, and now Goldenrod has impacted so many lives for the better, offering treats for eaters who are often overlooked.

Now, the shop has now become a town staple: Angela said that she is happy to be paving the way for inclusive baking in the Midwest. Regardless if someone is vegan or not, people love to stop by just because the treats are tasty and the environment is so inviting. Goldenrod recently expanded to a second location due to its popularity. This rapid growth has brought national recognition from outlets like Food and Wine, Forbes, and even Martha Stewart herself.

After opening a second location, Garbacz now has a large team of women managing the stores, baking the treats, focusing on special events, and running social media. Angela has even written a cookbook including recipes that are adaptable to different diets.

Social media has played a crucial role in the growth of Goldenrod Pastries. People all over the city started snapping pictures in the well-curated bakery famous for its pink pastry boxes. Goldenrod defines itself as “whimsical and chic,” the shops coated in shades of pink, flowers, and sparkles. A neon sign which reads “The Good Life” decorates the wall and is now the most “Instagrammable” corner of the shop.

From a blog to two brick-and-mortar shops, Goldenrod Pastries is leading the way for inclusive baking in the Midwest. With its forward mindset and undeniably tasty pastries, this is just the beginning of Goldenrod's vegan and gluten-free baking movement. No matter what your diet is, all are welcome at Goldenrod pastries

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