This week, we focus on getting, and staying, healthy. That means buying more plant-based products, swapping out animal fat, added sugar, and all processed foods for natural ingredients that fuel the immune system and boost our energy, and allow us to live our healthiest lives, even during a pandemic.

The editors of The Beet share our favorite products of the week every week, to help you shop smarter and get the most out of your consumer dollars.

So whether you are starting out on your vegan or plant-based journey or just dabbling in a few healthy plant-based meals a week, you can try non-dairy ice cream and cheese, immunity-boosting wellness shots, or gluten-free gnocchi that will make the whole family happy. It's all part of our effort to help you live your healthiest life.

Here are the editors' favorites for the week ahead: Our choices for the best vegan or plant-based vitamins, dairy-free ice creams, lemon dill hummus, and raspberry preserves to enjoy this week.

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Lucy's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Wholier Plant-Based Vitamins that are Eco-Friendly and Clean

When I learned that many vitamins contain gelatin and binding agents made from pig intestines and other animal parts, I was so grossed out that I have stayed away from generic vitamins and supplements for most of my life. I'd rather eat my nutrients on a plant-based diet! But when I found out about a vitamin that is clean, vegan, and offers plant-based eaters just the exact ingredients and nutrients they need and nothing more, it was time to rethink.

That's Wholier, founded by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner, a self-taught entrepreneur who is vegan and never found a multi that fit her needs – so she created one. "Most vitamin D3 on the market is made from sheep's wool," so we decided to use all plant-based ingredients, like algae, and also to only include the vitamin in its active form," she said over Zoom this week from her Brooklyn office. Her company, founded in 2017, is growing by leaps and bounds and she finally had to hire her first (and second) employee, a sign that the world is looking for clean vitamins they can trust.

"We believe that if everyone introduced more plant-based products into their daily lives and prioritized clean, honest, sustainably sourced ingredients, the world would be a much happier and healthier place. So we’re taking those simple principles and applying them to everything we do and every formulation we create."

In a time of COVID, it's more important than ever to get your vitamins and nutrients and a multivitamin can help fill in the gaps, according to Dr. Bob Lahita, an immunologist and author of Immunity Strong. He suggests taking a multivitamin as well as zinc, vitamin D, and iron. Luckily, Wholier provides what you need to stay healthy, now and in the future.

Buy yours on the Wholier website.

Stephanie's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves

Bonne Maman's gourmet jam offerings have been a favorite of mine for years. It's a lovely coincidence when a product that you loved before you transitioned to a vegan diet can still be enjoyed after you've implemented your new dietary change. Because nearly all (except the mousses) of Bonne Maman's products contain no gelatin unlike some jams, these products are suitable for vegans.

Bonne Maman's Raspberry Preserves strike the perfect balance of sweet and tart and elevate any old PB&J into a delightful treat. Free from artificial flavors and GMOs, the ingredient list is super clean, containing only raspberries, lemon juice, cane sugar, and fruit pectin.

Although the flavor is delicious, my favorite thing about these jams is the adorable packaging with its fun picnic blanket-inspired lid. After you finish a jar, wash them out and reuse them as storage containers. This jam is perfect for sandwiches, baked goods, and a great inclusion on a charcuterie board.

You can find Bonne Maman at most grocery stores, or use the brand's store locator to find a retailer near you. 

Hailey's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Ithaca Hummus Lemon Dill

I recently found out about the company Ithaca Hummus after placing a food order through Instacart, and I’m happy I did. At first, I was inclined to order this dip because I love hummus and I appreciated that this product was locally made, just a few hours drive north of the city.

The hummus is all-natural and made with chickpeas, sunflower oil, lemon, tahini, garlic, vinegar, salt, fill, and crushed red pepper. The texture is similar to just any other hummus which makes it the perfect snack to enjoy with freshly sliced veggies, crackers, and anything the compliments hummus. In my opinion, the taste of dill is more dominant than the taste of lemon, and together, the two flavors are the perfect combination and balance of sweet, bitter, and savory.

If you want to switch up your go-to regular hummus for a punch of flavor, then I would totally recommend trying Ithaca Hummus Lemon Dill and serving it at your get-together to really impress the guests.

Caitlin's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Jeni's Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream

It's not hard to find dairy-free ice cream in a supermarket but trying to pick the one that will be just as good as the real thing is harder. Look no further, because Jeni's Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffle ice cream is the best vegan chocolate ice cream I have tried yet.

This dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate ice cream has only nine ingredients and is made with coconut cream and fair trade, dutch-processed cocoa powder.  Unlike some of the dairy-free ice creams, I have tried, Jeni's has a thick consistency and rich, velvety taste. Jeni's ice cream mimics the creaminess and decadence of actual dairy ice cream.

You can find Jeni's at Whole Foods, Wegmans and online here.

Max's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Eclipse Dark Side of the Spoon

Eclipse advertises its plant-based ice cream selection as indistinguishable from traditional ice cream, and the company is not exaggerating. The plant-based ice cream uses a proprietary blend of oat, corn, potato, cassava, and cane sugar to replicate the taste, texture, and creaminess of traditional ice cream. Full of delicious flavor and perfectly creamy, any flavor you pick will satisfy.

One of the most difficult things to find when looking for vegan ice cream is a company that not only perfects the base, but also the fillings. Eclipse's Dark Side of the Spoon is mixed with cookie dough, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and brownies – all of which are vegan! The delicious sweet treat is on top of my list when it comes to vegan ice cream.

Check out the Eclipse website to browse the selection and order a pint for yourself. 

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