Over at The Beet, we've been busy testing, trying out, and sampling new plant-based products so we can recommend to you what we love the most right now. Each week, the editors of The Beet get to try new plant-based and vegan product launches or revisit our tried and true plant-based staples. The savory snacks, decadent desserts, plant-based proteins, and vegan cocktails, all of it is fair game when it comes to choosing our favorites.

Essentially, these plant-based products are the recommendations we are telling our friends about: What we are loving, buying, and recommending in the plant-based universe right now.

Here are the editors' favorites from this week: Our choices for the best healthy vegan or plant-based snacks,  drinks, frozen, treats, and more. If you're trying to eat live plant-based and love it, we're here to help.

Check out our recommendations for the latest plant-based or vegan products to add to your grocery cart this week, from Lucy Danziger, Stephanie McClain, Hailey Welch, Caitlin Mucerino, and Max Rabb – the editors of The Beet –– since we are living the plant-based life and want to make it easier for you to do it too! Have a great, healthy plant-based week, from our kitchen to yours!

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Lucy's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Blendjet 2, The Original Portable Blender

Some products achieve cult status because they are beautifully designed or bring joy. Others because they simply work better than any in their category. Blendjet has achieved its immense following for doing all three: With an array of fun colors and patterns, joyful, healthy blending, and a USB rechargeable battery that lasts for 15 blends, this portable blender lets you take your favorite protein smoothie anywhere – to work, the gym, or your car – wherever you need a healthy boost. At a price point of $49.95, this may just be the only blender you'll ever need.
When Blendjet came out with their cool camo prints and leopard patterned blenders, along with a rainbow of other colors (including plain black or white) I realized that I could probably fill my entire holiday giving list with one of these brightly practical and fun blenders. The blades of the chopper are surprisingly powerful and make easy work of ice, almonds, or any type of fruit or leafy greens, to create the perfect smoothie for any taste or occasion. Cleaning is super simple as well: Just put soap and water in it and blend. Done. For ordering now, in time for holiday gift-giving, check out the Blendjet collection here. (Best deal: Buy 3 and get 25 percent off your total purchase.)

Stephanie's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Hlthpunk UFO Burger Sauce

A good sauce can make even the most basic food irresistible. True foodies know that condiments are just as crucial as mains, and Hlthpunk is making a product that has recently become the most versatile flavor boost in my pantry: UFO Sauce.

Yes, as the name implies, UFO Sauce is out of this world: A creamy mix of vegan mayo, Hot Dijon Mustard, Tomato paste, and a dash of cayenne, UFO Sauce is simultaneously sweet, spicy, and savory, striking the perfect balance of flavors.

While this condiment is marketed as a burger sauce, one taste test and you'll be adding it to sandwiches, wraps, and grain bowls, and using it as a dipping sauce for fries, chips, and even pizza. Trust me when I say that you don't want to miss out on this unique vegan sauce.

You can find UFO Sauce on Hlthpunk's website here

Hailey's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

1. Treeline Dairy-Free Herb Garlic Soft French-Style

I haven’t tried vegan cheese from Treeline I didn’t like, but I am hooked on the dairy-free herb garlic soft French-style cheese that tastes incredible on just about everything.

Recently, I’ve taken full advantage of my time in the kitchen and really learned how to make quality meals, with quality products like Treeline. This soft cheese spreads eloquently on a piece of toast or a veggie burger like smooth butter and is full of fresh flavor so there’s no need to add any other toppings or sauces.

This is not your average plant-based cheese, or in fact, any cheese. This kind of cashew-based creation elevates any meal and could fool cheese lovers into believing that it's real dairy cheese. When I gave my friend a slice of a baguette and Treeline cheese, she couldn't believe it was vegan and we basically finished the entire container in one sitting.

I recommend this product to anyone who loves cheese or is plant-based and wants a high-quality, healthy cheese alternative that tastes better than the real thing and is made with trusted ingredients. And, if you’re hosting a holiday party or need something special to bring to a dinner, this cheese spread is a must when it comes to charcuterie boards and will surprise the guests with a vegan cheese that's worth talking about.

To purchase Treeline products, visit their website.

Caitlin's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Hot N Saucy Hot Sauce

If there's one ingredient I can't live without it's hot sauce. Typically, I buy generic brands from the grocery store, but after trying Hot N Saucy, I will never go back to any old hot sauce. Hot N Saucy is unlike any other hot sauce brand: Each flavor is bold, unique and has a silky smooth consistency. I love that Hot N Saucy takes your everyday ingredient, hot sauce, and puts its own delicious twist.

Hot N Saucy has a variety of flavors including Black Garlic N Peri Peri, Collards N Ghost and Beet N Fresno. I was most excited to try the Black Garlic n Peri Peri hot sauce and I was blown away. It has the perfect amount of heat and compliments any savory dish you whip up. Hot N Saucy inspired me to get creative in the kitchen and make a plant-based dish that paired well with its sauces. My favorite recipes that I tried out with Hot N Saucy were a tofu scramble and cauliflower wings. I prepared a tofu scramble with the Black Garlic N Peri-Peri hot sauce and cauliflower wings with the Beet N Fresno hot sauce. Needless to say, both of these hot sauces took my everyday go-tos and transformed them into a delectable meal.

Try Hot N Saucy hot sauces out for yourself by purchasing them here.

Max's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Pasolivo Garlic Olive Oil

As a garlic lover, there is no avoiding adding extra garlic cloves to any recipe. Whether it's pasta, chili, or even a breakfast hash, there is always going to be a little extra garlic. Pasolivo's garlic olive oil takes away some of the hassles, provides a decadent and delicious olive oil option (that is now a staple) to the pantry.

When cooking anything, the most important part of the process is the foundation. The Pasolivo oil alleviates any anxiety about creating a good flavor base for a recipe because it allows any home cook to start with the oil. The oil is wonderfully aromatic and delicious, allowing everything cooked in the recipe to acquire the savory, garlicky taste and smell. From this point forward, it will be difficult to cook with olive oil that doesn't contain the flavorful foundation that Pasolivo offers.

Alongside the garlic variation, the company offers a wide variety of delicious olive oil to make cooking all that much easier. The olive oils include everything from classic to tangerine, presenting a unique flavor palette for every option.

Check out the full selection at the company's website here.

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