All Mom wants on Sunday is to know you are thinking about her, on Mother's Day and every day, so consider skipping the chemically treated bouquet and instead shower her with gifts that show her: "I love you, I appreciate you and I cherish the time we spend together." Choose a special self-care treat that will remind her, every time she looks at it or tastes it or sips it, that you are her favorite.

With that in mind, the editors of The Beet came up with 'Wow!' gifts that will make mothers or any woman in your life who you want to show love to (Hey, she can be the mom of her favorite pet) that you are thinking of her. From window sill planters to flower teas, these gifts are winners, and won't set your wallet back more than about $60, tops (and some much less).

Start shopping. There's still time for overnight delivery! Or get her a card and put a picture of the gift in it, and tell her she will get the extra fun of celebrating again when your gift arrives!

Lucy's Favorite

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1. Harry and David's Garden in a Box, Wooden Herb Planter

I am an optimist and a bit of an over-reacher. Why else would I have built a vegetable garden from scratch last year (fence and raised beds and all)? Now I want to start growing my herbs but said garden still needs to be cleared, de-weeded, and tilled, and let's just say I have not gotten around to it yet.

For anyone who wants to start growing herbs, today, in a window sill or a garden, on a balcony or fire escape, Harry and David's, the amazing fruit purveyors, has the most classic Garden in a Box herb garden around. I love the country look of the wooden planter and of course I – ever the optimist – imagine making delicious plant-based meals that my husband and kids will give two thumbs up to, as they rub their full tummies and plead for more. Hey, a girl can dream. Someone who loves me, please buy me this. Okay, that's going to be me!

P.S. While shopping at Harry & David's I also saw their Olive Bonsai Tree, which looks both adorable and zen, so kids, there's no need to fight. One of you can get me that instead.

Stephanie's Favorite

1. The Qi Organic Flower Teas Daily Ritual Set V2

For Mother’s Day, I always look for a unique self-care gift for my mom that transports her to a quiet, peaceful state of mind and giver her something luxurious she wouldn't normally purchase for herself.

I was so excited when I came across The Qi, a beautiful line of sustainably sourced whole-flower teas that you simply add boiling water to and watch as the dried blooms spring to life, infusing the water with incredible botanical tastes. The Daily Ritual Set V2 pack gives your loved one three dried blue lotus, three dried chrysanthemums, and three dried Shangri-La roses, and each flower can be used 3 times, which amounts to 27 cups of tea.

Accompanied by a gorgeous glass server and bamboo prongs, you hold down the flower in steaming water for a couple of minutes and watch as they unfold in front of your eyes. You can drink the teas hot or add ice for warmer weather. The Qi's Instagram has tons of inspiration when it comes to making unique floral tea blends.

Whether you're shopping for your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or any other woman in your life, any of The Qi's organic, vegan, non-GMO, and caffeine-free teas are guaranteed to surprise and delight them, and they'll think of you every time they pour a comforting cup of tea.

You can purchase The Qi's Daily Ritual Set V2 and other gift sets on the brand's website here.

Hailey's Favorite

1. The Sill Orchid Plant

Buying gifts for people who deserve the world is not an easy task. I know my mom appreciates any gift from me and my siblings and most of all loves spending time with us on her special holiday. So, for Mother's Day, I'm surprising my mom with a secret visit, from NY to her home in MA - not a long haul but she's not expecting it.

When I'm at her house, I plan to serve The Beet's croissant french toast for breakfast and take her to a winery where she can enjoy her favorite glass of wine in the sunshine. In addition to my plans, I purchased a giant orchid a few days ago, expected to arrive Monday so the holiday lasts longer - and I know for sure she'll appreciate the thought.

I purchased the plant from The SIll which has a beautiful curation of plants and flowers with simple, chic pots and planters. The website is easy to navigate and the shopping experience is enjoyable as I sorted through my options of different plants and sizes. The Sill makes it easy to find the perfect gift for your loved one. 

To purchase a plant from The Sill, click here.

Caitlin's Favorite

Lavender Plant for Mothers Day
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1. Lavender Plant

As Mother's Day fastly approaches, you may be noticing that high-quality flowers are either overpriced or hard to find. Skip the flowers this year and buy a Lavendar Plant instead. The herbaceous perennial has the most uplifting aroma and color that will immediately put a smile on your Mom's face. This plant represents serenity, grace, and devotion. It is considered a low-maintenance plant that needs to be watered only once or twice a week along with 6 hours of sunlight.

For any creative and crafty moms, dry lavender and add to cookies, cocktails, teas, or homemade soap. Impress your mom with this easy dry lavender hack from HGTV: Place lavender bundles in a paper bag and hang it upside for about seven days. Make sure that the room it's hanging in is a dark and warm spot.

Max's Favorite

1. Smart Garden 

There's no Mother Day gift that's too expensive or too much. The Smart Garden is a wonderful in-home garden for herbs or flowers. Through the last year, my mom has called me about her growing garden, but she's wanted to start planting more organic, edible foods. The Smart Garden is a perfect gift to easily plant fresh basil, rosemary, and mint to use in recipes. I send my mom recipes that I think she would like, so she would be able to use this gift for years, and if she gets tired of the herbs, she can replace them with flowers or buds for other bigger plants. The sleek design fits in any home, making it the perfect gift for any moms that have taken to gardening over the last year.

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