Prego has finally created a completely vegan sauce that may come close to rivaling your Nonna's signature bolognese sauce. The meatless sauce is made out of soy-based crumbles and is mixed with Prego's classic tomato sauce.

This sauce will be the first product of the Prego+Plant Protein line of sauces, and offers four grams of protein for every serving. Mix this sauce with chickpea or black bean pasta to pack even more protein into your dish. According to VegNews, the Prego+Plant Protein sauce will soon be available at retailers nationwide, priced at 2.99 for a 24-ounce jar.

This may be Prego's first vegan sauce, but it's not the sauce brand's first vegan-friendly product: Prego has a line of Farmer's Market sauces made out of vegetables and high in protein and fiber. Some tasty options include chickpea and kale sauce, white bean and roasted garlic sauce, garden vegetable sauce and mushroom sauce. (Click here for more vegan-friendly options from Prego.)

Steve Siegal, Vice President of Marketing, Meals & Sauces, revealed to VegNews, “We were inspired to create Prego+ Plant Protein for consumers who are increasingly integrating plant-based foods into their diets to get additional protein.”

More and more people are incorporating plant-based into their diets. A recent survey found 23 percent of Americans are eating more plant-based foods during the coronavirus crisis. As brands add more plant-based options, it makes a healthy diet more accessible, without forcing consumers to sacrifice taste, like this new Prego+ Plant Protein meat alternative.

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