Everyone knows that vegans don’t support eating animal products, but which candidate do vegans support in the presidential election this year? According to a poll conducted by the vegan dating app Veggly (yes! that’s a real thing!), approximately three-fourths of vegans surveyed are voting for Joe Biden, with 75 percent of the poll putting support behind the Democratic ticket. Of the 469 users the app polled, 75% support Biden, 6.5% support Trump, and 18.5 are voting third party.

Alex Felipelli, the founder of Veggly, believes that vegans plan to vote for Biden because of his campaign’s focus on environmental issues. Felipelli explains his theory, saying, “Most vegans are pro-environment and want better protection for animals, so it’s no surprise the Trump administration has very little support from this community. It’s also interesting to see how nearly a fifth would choose a third party; it just goes to show how many people aren’t impressed with either Biden or Trump at the moment.”

Well-Know Vegans Rally Behind the Democratic Ticket

Many plant-based celebrities like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Natalie Portman have expressed their support for Biden on social media. On World Vegan Day, Portman captioned her latest vegan cooking video urging her followers to celebrate the holiday by voting: “Let’s celebrate by remembering that the future of our planet is on the ballot and #vote if you haven’t already!”
Some celebrities and activists have used veganism to make voting more accessible and more fun. Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole and Impossible Foods joined together to feed people in communities where voter turnout has been traditionally low. Cole explained the push to get out the vote, saying, “I’m passionate about voting rights, social justice, and delicious food -- and this is an incredible opportunity to combine all three things.” Even former First Lady Michelle Obama partnered with the vegan and cruelty-free makeup company The Lipstick Bar to launch a lipstick shade, Bawse Voter, of which 40 percent of the proceeds were donated to an organization that is heling US voters register.

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