If you follow Lizzo on TikTok or Instagram, you know that she's always whipping up drool-worthy vegan comfort food and treats like dairy-free ice cream bread, Jamaican "beef" patties, spicy "McChicken" sandwiches, and more from her home. In fact, we're shocked that she doesn't have her own vegan cooking show yet, with the level of expertise she demonstrates in the kitchen! Recently, Lizzo shared with her fans that being vegan has been pretty easy for her, and it looks like she's ready to level up and begin a new challenge: In an IG story from July 28th, the "Bop Star" announced to her 9.1 million followers that she was making the leap to go fully raw vegan, a decision that she made after citing its numerous health benefits. Raw vegan is when you only eat plant-based foods that haven't been put through any cooking, heating, or processing and the food remains in its natural state.

Lizzo Goes Raw Vegan

"So since being vegan I've found that I eat a lot of meat substitutes, whether its tempeh or jackfruit or Beyond burger or whatever," Lizzo admits. "So, I'm going to try to be raw for a little bit to try to get a sense of pure, raw veganism. I ordered these raw meals from Rawvolution. They're good! This is an apple and beet salad and it has the vinegary taste...it's not just sweet. It's so good and crunchy and its a lot! This raw vegan lifestyle...get into it!"

The star then goes onto plug her friend Courtney, who started Vegan Questt, "A grocery delivery service that helps you transition to a plant-based lifestyle" which launched July 28th.

Going Raw for the Health Benefits

She then checks back a few hours (and one fabulous outfit change) later to explain why she was adopting this new lifestyle, saying, "Just to piggyback on the conversation I was having earlier on raw veganism, a lot of nutrition has been, you know in the zeitgeist lately, and a lot of it has been exterior-based, but being raw has a lot of internal benefits, and those are the ones that are important to me. It boosts your immune system, it gives your digestive system a break. So for all those people who have GERD, or who have digestive issues, it gives your stomach a break from breaking down and digesting all of those complex, hard to break down substances we eat. And it just boosts your energy.

"I think it's important whether you're vegan, not vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, to have one meal a day that's just simple, from the earth. You have no idea how many benefits that are in these vegetables that are just growing for us. So whether its a smoothie, a salad, or a piece of fruit, being plant-based is not just a vegan lifestyle–its life. Enjoy your day, drink some, water, eat some plants!"

Now that's a message The Beet can get behind! We wish Lizzo the best of luck on her new lifestyle and are begging her to share some recipes.

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