As the coronavirus quarantine has shifted our day-to-day habits dramatically, many of us have turned to getting creative in the kitchen. Amidst lockdown, we’ve watched countless vegan chefs cook up a healthy storm on YouTube, Instagram and beyond (we’re also offering our own free vegan cooking classes here). We’ve stocked up on healthy pantry staples. We’ve followed the sage counsel of plant-based nutritionists.

But sometimes, you just want to indulge a little. That’s where singing star and rapper extraordinaire Lizzo has saved us all recently, reminding us that just because you’ve gone vegan, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a guilty pleasure spicy chicken sandwich.

In a Tik Tok video that has 1.1 million views and counting the 32-year-old musician shared her own riff on the McDonald’s Spicy McChicken sandwich with her Vegan Spicy McChicken sammie.

Served with sweet potato waffle fries, the vegan chicken tenders get boosted with Frank’s Red Hot seasoning blend, garlic powder and some fresh lettuce, along with a slather of vegan mayo, all sandwiched between two toasted buns. Watch the video below.

@lizzoVegan spicy Mcchicken idgaf that shit was hittin hoooooo

♬ Vibe (aesthetic) - evintage

So is Lizzo a vegan? According to a 2017 interview with Nasty Galaxy was vegetarian for seven years, and vegan for one. She’s also got a special obsession with Minneapolis’ vegan food scene, noting, “I really discovered my vegetarianism and my veganism there – I was vegetarian for seven years and I was vegan for a year. Because Minneapolis! I found places that were really creative with how they made vegan food and it wasn’t just fluff, just tofu, just seitan. It was like, finding ways to make vegetable-based proteins.”

Regardless of where she falls on the plant-based spectrum now, we’re glad to see her loading up on this tantalizing dish. Indeed, many commenters were in awe of the tasty sandwich, and so are we. Though, we can’t help but ask: Can we get some pickles with that?

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