Want to learn to cook delicious vegan food? The Beet has partnered with Veecoco, the vegan cooking school, to launch our first-ever Plant-Based Cooking Classes. Try it out for free and learn how to make some of your favorite dishes from around the world, for free. Become a vegan cooking master, starting today!

Your free trial includes:

  • Home-made pizza dough class
  • Vegan panna cotta class
  • Vegan sushi class
  • Vegan German schnitzel class
  • Introduction to fermentation class 

Once you sign up, you'll get all-access to watch fun, instructive cooking videos and learn how to cook your favorite dishes, including Italian, Sushi, Desserts, Basics, all vegan and delicious!

The Beet and Veecoco Partnered to Bring You Vegan Cooking Classes

We partnered with Veecoco (which stands for Vegan Cooking School, in case you were wondering), founded by the "vegan twins," brothers Samuel and Lukas Schanderl, based in Berlin, Germany, to bring you a lineup of international cuisines, each taught by a world-class chef. Now, you can learn to cook an amazing dinner, in about the same amount of time it would have taken you to stream one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Sample the mini-course and if you like it, we encourage you to enroll for one month and have the entire run of all 270+ classes as par of 13 courses to choose from (one month is $19.99) or give yourself a full three months to learn all of the courses for $14.99 a month.

Send Us a Picture of What You Cooked, and We Might Just Publish It on The Beet!

If you like what you cook, please send us a picture of it. We may just run it, along with your comments on "how it went" on The Beet, since we love to run the recipes made by real readers under the column, "Reality Bites." Let's get cooking!

Read this Q & A with Samuel and Lukas, founders of Veecoco, the "vegan twins."

Q. What was the inspiration behind Veecoco? And when did you start it?

A. Sam: When Lukas and I became full-time vegan in autumn 2017, we didn’t know where to start. Even though we were looking online and researching for hours, we felt lost. Many of our questions just couldn’t be answered anywhere, there was no central vegan cooking platform.

So an idea started to develop: Why don’t we just create the single best online resource about vegan cooking? During summer 2018, we planned to have 5 months in Asia where we would develop our idea. In November 2018, we quit our jobs and went to Bangkok in late December 2018.

We started working on Veecoco in January 2019. Back then, all we had was an idea. We sat in a tiny café next to a busy road in the Bangkok heat and started to develop the concept, reach out to the first chefs, and plan the next months. We soon had courses planned in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

Q. What were the first courses you made? And Why did you choose those?

A. We filmed our first 6 courses while we were in Asia. In May, we finally went live with our online school before flying back to Germany later that month. Since then, we’ve published one new course each month.

From August onwards, we continued to film cooking courses all over Europe, namely the UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

Q. That's Amazing. How many chefs do you feature now?

A. Right now, we have 12 courses that are live on the site, with 12 different chefs. Tomorrow, (April 8th), our 13th course is going live this week. 

We already had our next 6 courses planned for 2020 (such as sourdough baking, raw chocolate cakes, Sauerkraut, vegan camembert), but due to the current health crisis, they are all postponed for the moment.

Q. What is the most popular course?

The most popular course so far is the vegan Italian course. People love the classic Italian recipes, from making your own pizza to having flavorful pasta dishes.

Also popular are our raw food courses. Many of our students are interested in healthy recipes and how to incorporate more raw food in their diets.

Q. What is a "fact" that is surprising you would like to share?

A, We learned that every cuisine can be made/adapted in a plant-based way without losing flavor or authenticity. 

Even more surprising is that we had some of the best food of our entire lives while working on Veecoco, from raw food dishes at Sayuri’s café in Bali, to vegan Thai recipes at the farm in Northern Thailand, vegan gourmet chocolate in Switzerland, and hearty German recipes at the Johannes Nicolay’s hotel.

We also learned that you get the best vegan food in cooking schools (or making it yourself at home) rather than in restaurants.

Q. What do you want readers of The Beet to know as they embark on this journey?

That the chefs and cooking schools we worked with were incredibly helpful, genuine and just really friendly. We were surprised by how much hospitality and kindness we experienced when working with all these chefs. Even when we just had a concept and nothing more, the chefs and cooking schools trusted us and believed in the idea.

We were also surprised to learn how diverse and broad the possibilities of raw food really were. It’s a whole cuisine of its own.

Q. Where are most of your customers from?

A. The majority of our customers are from the US, followed by Canada and the UK. We have students from all over Europe, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, as well as internationally, such as Japan or Australia.

Q. Okay, Let's get cooking! Anything else I should add to the story?

A. Our goal is to have all major cuisines as well as cooking and baking topics covered on Veecoco. We want to film the US, the Caribbean, and South America.

We’d also love to create a professional curriculum at some point for people who aim to work as vegan chefs and restaurant owners.