We love Lizzo. Recently, we all practically jumped out of our seats and applauded when the singing star and flautist told body shamers they need to work on themselves and stop criticizing others. We’ve also swooned for her plant-based cooking lessons on video-sharing app TikTok, whether it’s a vegan riff on a spicy McChicken sandwich or a plant-based rendition of fried chicken and biscuits. 

Now, she’s also electrifying our sweet tooths, thanks to a new video she posted of herself making an unusual-yet-delicious concoction she’s dubbed “vegan ice cream bread.” Though here, unlike in previous videos, Lizzo doesn’t share a step-by-step tutorial, the recipe seems straightforward enough to figure out on our own.

First, Lizzo uses what appears to be plant-based butter to line a baking dish. Then, she adds non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s “Netflix & Chilll’d” ice cream—described as a frozen dessert with peanut butter with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies⁠—to the glass container. Then, she pans to a bowl of what appears to be flour (and we are guessing a leavening agent like baking powder or baking soda) and this is mixed with ice cream base to form a batter of sorts. Into the oven Lizzo’s sweet creation goes, and it emerges with a golden bread-like crust.

“Bought some @benandjerrys and made some vegan ice cream bread,” Lizzo captions her masterpiece. Never one to shy away from a culinary challenge, she adds, “it’s good but I’m gonna make it into French toast for brunch.” Watch the video below.

@lizzoBought some @benandjerrys and made some vegan ice cream bread ... ✊🏾 it’s good but I’m gonna make it into French toast for brunch♬ Ice Me Out - Kash Doll

Craving some ice cream for yourself right about now? We hear you. Check out The 5 Best Non-Dairy Ice Creams, According to the Harshest Critics—Kids! Whether you eat it straight out of the tub or decide to channel your inner Lizzo and attempt your own ice cream bread creation, we default to you. Either way, blast Lizzo’s hit “Truth Hurts,” grab a spoon, and belt your stress away.

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