Fast-food chains don't typically have plant-based eggs on the menu, but that's about to change. The delicious mung bean-based egg will now be added to the menu at over 500 locations of the leading Chinese fast-food chain, Dicos.

JUST Egg's plant-based folded egg will replace the conventional egg patty at Dicos in three breakfast burgers, three bagel sandwiches, and a "western" breakfast plate. This partnership is one for the books as it is the first time a major quick-service restaurant replaced an animal-based product with its plant-based one counter across multiple regular menu offerings.

Dicos offers western-style and Chinese fast food at 2,600 locations and is considered one of the largest foodservice companies in China. JUST Egg will be offered at over 500 locations throughout China including its Bejing and Shanghai stores. This isn't Dicos' first venture into plant-based protein as the chain added plant-based chicken to the menu at all locations last fall.

The plant-based food industry in China expected to be worth $12 billion by 2023

JUST Egg first hit stores in China in 2019 and continues to grow as many consumers seek a healthier and more sustainable option than regular chicken eggs. The plant-based food market is predicted to be worth $12 billion by 2023, up from $10 billion in 2018, according to a report by Euromonitor International. JUST Egg's partnership with Dicos will give the consumers the healthier plant-based options they want in the most accessible and delicious way.

“The introduction of JUST Egg at Dicos is a product and brand upgrade based on consumers' increasing interest in nutrition, healthier diets, and environmental awareness. Adding JUST Egg to our core breakfast menu offerings will allow customers to experience JUST Egg in a variety of ways. We look forward to seeing the consumer response and will plan future menu offerings around it,” said Chief Marketing Officer Xie Yahui.

Eat JUST gains momentum around the world from Asia to the US 

Eat JUST expanded beyond plant-based eggs and moved into lab-grown meat under the label GOOD Meat. Singapore became the first country to approve the sale of chicken made entirely from cultured cells in a lab, technology developed by Eat Just. As Eat Just innovates abroad, the popular plant-based egg continues to win over consumers in the US. Last year. JUST Egg expanded to over 17,000 stores across the countrywon best plant-based protein of 2020, was added to the menus of coffee chains like Gregory's coffee, and rumored to be in the testing phase of new breakfast sandwiches at a select Starbucks. As JUST Egg continues to expand worldwide, we're hoping the plant-based egg's entrance into the fast-food industry in China will translate to the US.

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